Friday, September 27, 2013

Austin is on the downhill!!!

He is almost done!!  He will be home the end of January.  Here are a few of the cute photos that we finally got.  He isn't a detailed writer or picture taker but neither am I.  I guess I can't complain we have such great technology I can email him and see his little face in photos and I feel blessed that we have that!!

 seriously they had a squire living in their house and they caught it!!!! I kept thinking he is going to get some rabid disease and get sick and die.  So gross. 
Now this is how I want to think of him.  LOL  in the sacred grove in a suit preaching the gospel and loving life. 

his service with these special needs kids is so heart warming he truly loves these kids.  His favorite days are spent at this school.
Oh the cute friends and family that went to pageant and stop to find Austin, and say hi and bring  him pizza and love.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  we love you.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July what a crazy month

Austins girls  that's what Tanner called them Breanna and Yessy flew from New York to see us and a few other Missionaries from Utah.  We had a blast hanging out with them all week.  We went to city creek, dinner down in Provo, baseball games, and the  church museum down town.  I  made them come to church and tell their conversion story to the YW.  we had dinners and ice cream on the deck and talked till 11:00 the nights they were with us.  We love you guys see ya next year when we go back with the kids!

 photos from the Church museum. Wow beautiful things.  Its been a few years since I've gone, it was so fun to go again with them, and my boys.

 The Bees game on the 4th.  we took Breanna and Yessy they thought the game was boring just like me but loved the fire works after.  To bad the game took for ever!!! The boys however enjoyed every minute of it, and isn't that what  a good mommy should do for her kiddies?
 Bear Lake was a blast!! my kids were so excited to tube and wake board.  I'm the only one who got up on the surf board, well Tay did with Brit S. surfing with him in between his legs.  Crazy strong that guy.  the kids would have stayed on the tubes all day if they could. cant wait for next time!!!

 I love going to the symphony. We have done this for 4 years at Thanks Giving Point.  They have  a great firework show after and its so relaxing just to sit and listen to great music!! Thanks Bry.
and to top off the month I did a studio5 segment on sock monkeys  so funny I know! and mine looked like well can I say Tanner? without getting in trouble?  LOL

  here is a link to the segment.

Monday, July 1, 2013

summer's here

 Hair cuts all around.  Its been a long battle but they finally got it chop off.  wow looking at the photos they really had long hair.  so funny.

Britton made a comp. lacrosse team  we are traveling all over each weekend for him to play.  I hope he likes it, cause its a lot of work and time away from his being board.  He is getting to be quite the good little lacrosse goalie. 
 My summer is filled with Young women's activities every Wed night I get to hang out with these darling girls.  Its so fun to have some girl time. I just wish I was not so old and tired LOL
I did get my new chandler  go over to my to see more photos. I love doing little things to get my house finished.  It is along process and will  take years but I can see progress and I love that a few rooms are coming together. 

Bry and I celebrated our 22 anniversary wow that sounds like a long time ha ha.  Its been hard but what marriage isn't.  we have four beautiful children a cute house our health and a great family.  we couldn't be more blessed to have what we have.  I'm so lucky to have such a great guy.  We went to see Peter Beinhot in concert it was a great night with sushi music and stars!
Off to the beach with some friends.  we had a great time eating and shopping and just being lazy.  I think this life would be so hard if we didn't have good friends.  We some one to laugh with and non judgmental shoulders to cry on.  Thanks friends for being there for me. 

Youth conference was a blast for the kids.  Tanner had such a fun time, funny thing was that it was an  Olympics for the special needs and yet Tanner only wanted to be apart of our Youth.  He did participate but wore a blue (for our youth) instead of a red shirt (special needs)  It cracked up the leaders that he is so predigest against special needs, to him he does not have anything wrong with him.  

Tanner dancing the night away at the final activity of the week.  He was so funny, but he was so tired from all the fun of the week that he left after just and hour. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

End of school year

 wow what a year!  I'm so proud of my boys and all that they do in their lives.  Britton was the Alta Black lacrosse goalie this year and as you can see they won the championships!!  Its a first for Britton and I hope it wont be the last.  He was so sick with the stomach flu and yet he still played hard and their team won.  I get so nervous with him as the goalie its soooo  much pressure. but he seems to handle it all so well, as long as he wants to play that position I will let him, despite my anxieties. 

 This darling quilt is from the baseball team.  They gave all the Sr. these darling quilts,  one of the over achiever moms made them wow!!!  I am in awe at the love tanner received from these kids this year!!
 Seminary graduation,  It was so fun to go see these cute kids graduate from Seminary. They asked Tanner to say the opening prayer.  He did a great job all our Sr from our ward were there, now that's an amazing number of kids in our neighborhood.  How did we get so lucky to be where we are, to raise our children in such a wonderful area who truly loves our Tanner???

 I could have posted the 30 photos of kids that wanted to get their photos taken with Tanner but I just better do a few, (maybe on FB)  Tanner was so excited to graduate, its all he has been talking about for months.  The whole day he kept saying now I'm graduated I get to go on a mission with Austin.  I so hope he can!!!
 ok my new obsession is flea markets!!  I just love all the vintage stuff and I love the cheap prices!!!  the top photo is from Fleattitue they have one more market this summer and this bottom one is my treasures.  you can't see my metal canning jar lids at a buck a piece they will make my new blue jars look totally vintage. lol  and I regret making Bry throw out his dear antlers as now I can't wait to put these gorgeous ones on my coffee table, after I gold leaf them of course. 

This party has been the my whole life the past week or so.  I made all the paper decorations for this out of this world carnival.  the banners sign post drink labels ect.  you can see more of this party on my crafting blog  I'll post it soon. 

Well summer is here and I can't wait to get by the pool and relax and read a good book,  ok who am i kidding I have a shower, wedding, my singing students, two vacations, camp, youth conference, football camps and comp lacrosse to drive too.  owell it will be hot and sunny and I can read anytime in the years to come.  I have to tell my self to love the moment I'm in.  Even if its crazy and busy its still a great moment of life to be in!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring at the Inkley's

 Highlights of our spring so far.  Tanner went to Sadie Hawkins with Maddie Oh how we love this girl!!  She decided with her cute boyfriend to take Tanner and Nicole to the dance.  They had so much fun.  Tanner has been to all the dances so far this year.  How blessed we are in our lives to be surrounded by such wonderful youth.
 We have never had pop corn trees before.  (that's what Taylor said)  Its so fun having trees that are so beautiful in the spring.  Come fall I know I will miss our large aspens but for now these are so beautiful.
 I also tackled my bathroom tile.  I will post a tutorial on  It does look good now I promise these were the doing... the final turned out great.  Now I will be painting the walls in the little cove a light sea foam green, Bry said it looked white but I promise the paint for the walls has a touch of green lol.

 Taylor's Birthday was the first of May and wouldn't you know it, it decided to snow!! Tay was a good sport about going and changing out of his shorts and into pants and a jacket.  Britton chalked his birthday message "happy flipin' birthday Taylor"  so classy.  lol

 Its baseball season and Tanner "played" on the Alta high baseball team again this year. The last game was so sad I had to cry.  They passed out tee shirts to the school or mission the kids were going to.  Tanner will be going to Canyons Academy but since he is an honoree member of the Utah football team he thinks he is going there.  My heart is breaking because I know that these fun years for Tanner are over.  I know there will be other things for him to do but you can never have as much fun as you can in high school, am I right?

these beautiful flowers were from Austin with a note that just melted my  heart!  How did I get so lucky to get such a great kid?  He is doing well and we got to talk for 2 hours.  It was so good to see his face. He is a man now all grown up.  He talks like a man and looks like a man but in my heart he is still my little baby.  His mono is getting a little better and the pain in his joints are getting a little better as well he said.  I don't know if he is just saying that so I wont worry or if he really feels a bit better?  I keep putting his name in the temple and a truly hope that the faith of those who pray for him will truly help him to feel a bit better. 

Lacrosse is by far my favorite sport to watch.  The games are only an hour, there is none of this football mom stuff that drives me crazy. No pep rallies no dinners Its the best!!!!  Tays team was ok this year, his coach was not as great as last years and he kept comparing as did I.  But he played practically the entire game every game, so that will do him good for next year. 

Brits team rocked and he is becoming a great little goalie.  I can't believe he likes to play that position!!  He gets huge bruises from balls that get past his pads but he still keeps, wanting to play goalie.  What a great kid.
Last but not least last Thursday I helped with a Wedding it was so beautiful, right up my alley. He colors were cream pink samon and gray.  Loved that she went very vintage.  We used my suitcases chandeliers lanterns wreaths books, and of course put ribbons on every thing! hopeful I will get some photos from the mom, I had to leave half way though setting up because I had to work, you know my other job. LOL (I only have three)