Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring break

I loved getting away during Spring break. We went to Mesquite with some friends from the neighborhood. The boys had so much fun swimming and drinking slushies and eating ice cream. It seems like its been forever that I have felt truly hot! (and I mean in a sweating kind of way) All the little boys brought their game boys and sat in the hall till 10:00 daisy chained together playing who knows what. Hailee from NY was there and her little dumpl'n of a baby! Isn't she the cutest thing? It was fun to catch up and just hang out in the sun reading eating and sleeping the day away.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools

April fools. I thought I would be so clever and play a trick on my kids. I saw in the Martha Stewart mag. where she put gelatin in the milk to make it a solid. So I thought, funny my kids eat cereal every morning this will be great. Austin wakes up first (I'm at the gym) and tried to pour milk out of the gallon jug (my first mistake) instead of sticking to the bottom like it was suppose to it fell out in lumps, so Austin thought gross its gone bad so he threw it away. Tanner didn't get in on it and when Bry found out he thought maybe that is why Britton got sick from bad milk, and the fact that he had just bought it the day before made him mad at the store for giving us bad milk. (I forgot to tell Bry that I had done that) when they found out they thought it was funny but It could have worked better if the milk would have stayed solid in the bottom of the container like it was suppose to! O-well there is alway next year!