Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pinewood derby 08

I absolutely hate the pinewood Derby the kids seem to think its fun racing the cars and getting treats, that's is all well and good, and I don't mind that part. Its the part that comes before the race the building of the car. we had a legendary car that won 4 years in a row then the tragedy struck one of the kids got a hold of it and bent the wheel! (can you even imagine?) I was secretly over joyed now maybe Britton could make his own car with dad, you know spend some quality time in the garage doing man things talking about life that sort of stuff. Wouldn't ya know it Bry started on the car without him. Now I see tyring to live out your childhood dream of winning the plastic trophy and bronzing your car for your posterity but hey really?

Ok Bry is not that bad he did let Britton sand it pick out a paint color and even put a sticker on it (iron man). Britton came in first in most of his races but the times were milla seconds slower than two other cars. Britton came in 3rd overall yea! I was so proud of him. Bry had his excuses it was too light and the drill bit taped to the top of the car messed up the aerodynamics of the car. Whatever! I say we need to let the kids do the whole thing start to finish and see whats happens you know real life live and learn kind of stuff. any way way to go Britton or should I say dad? Sorry hon still love ya!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

christmas is here!

OK so I'm really tyring to get my Christmas stuff out and put up some of the little stuff, I know I don't think I have ever put so much up before Thanksgiving but its been so warm and I wanted to get my outside stuff up. Then the kids got excited and wanted to put up there trees which resulted in a huge mess since they got it out and I was at work then they went to the Jazz game last night and it is still sitting all over my TV room because I can't touch it, "its there trees".
Tay took the photos of the Christmas deco notice its of his picture I thought that was funny, we have all this cute stuff up and he chooses his photo to take a picture of.

I want to do a project like this Christmas banner but instead I have to make ugly ribbons for the reflections entries. I just want an afternoon to my self with no house work just me my flannel Jammie's, a TVo, my crafts, a great book and lots of chocolate, is that too much to ask? someday soon I promise myself, OK that might be in 10 years when all the boys are out of the house, maybe i should run away for a bit tempting!:)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Into the woods

I had so much fun this week. I love to eat out and lately we haven't done it enough! Well Bryan took to me too one of my favorite restaurants Market palace it has the best fish in the state! I love fish, I also love creme burlee we had that for desert we decided to share as not to look like pigs and I regretted that decision the rest of the night it was fabulous!!!!

I'm also a big fan of musical theater I used the last ticket of my Christmas present I got last year, (tickets to Hale theater) I sincerely hope to get them again this year:) I loved into the woods the musical is all fun and games everybody get what they wish for when they go into the woods. You think its over but i turns dark real fast and everything falls apart, people lose every thing houses, loved ones, pets, toes (don't ask) friends. But in the end (the moral) "someone is on your side someone else is not. " "While we're seeing our side Maybe we forgot, they are not alone. No one is alone. Thing will come out right now. we can make it so. some one is on your side, no one is alone." and in life (The woods) "Into the woods you have to grope, but that's the way you learn to cope. into the woods to find there's hope of getting through the journey."
With all the talk in conference of joy in the journey I've got to remember that its worth the extra creme burlee's the extra hugs from my kids and I've got to remember to take joy in every day wonderful things that are all around me. So I'm off (into the woods or should I say Kitchen) to get another cookie!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where did Thanksgiving go?

I love absolutely love Halloween! I have Fall deco but I just love putting up black and white Halloween stuff! Then when I take it down the day after Halloween it looks a little bare with the few Fall things I have. I put away the Rubbermaid's and see the Christmas things peeking out at me. I hear the Christmas music on a few channel's and can't seem to find any fall candy bars for my choir handout they are all Christmas Mint things (I'm not complaining about that, they are my favorite!) I need a turkey just one to say hey Thanksgiving I haven't forgotten you, so in my dinning room on the banquet I have one lone little turkey. Even though it is filled with mint flavored M&M's (red and green) I still love that little turkey.

Monday, November 10, 2008

frightmares, girls and rides oh my!

Lagoon is not my favorite place to hang out however the kids love it. But now that I have discovered frightmares (I went for the first time this year) I love Lagoon OK maybe not love but it was really fun. We went with one of our favorite families in the world, the Stoney's and had so much fun. When we got there Hannah and her friends were going on the sky coaster, a ride that pulls you what looks to be 100 feet in the air and then drops you. It cost 15$ and Austin was like I don't have any money, but when I said I would pay for it he smiled and look a little uneasy. He said he wasn't scared but hey I know he was just putting up a front for the girls. They had so much fun and said they would do it again. I think Austin would say anything to hang out with those 3 cute girls again great odds!

You know me miss MDT I think the best part of the day was when Julie introduced me to the slashers! I know it sound scary with the masks and chainsaws and all but when they start dancing to I'm too sexy for my shirt it was sooooooo funny! I couldn't stop laughing and hey they had some great moves, I did video some of it so I could try them out later!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gap friends and family

Ok friend and family is coming right up and I don't have email address for some of you. I did get some hard copies of the postcard this time so let me know if you need one or just drop by to my house to get one. It a good one this time 30% off GAP, Old Navy, and Banana even up at the outlets. Marcee, Haylee and Annie did you get yours? if not I'll mail you one! I love all my friends and family! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas! can I say that before Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day

What a historical day Nov. 4th was. I was so proud to be apart of it. I new what a huge election this was going to be, either we would have our first African American President with Obama' or we would vote in the oldest President ever elected McCain, with our first woman VP. Wow what a great election to be apart of. In a few years when I am telling my grand children that I worked at the polls on that day, they will already know the out come of the war in Iraq, the economic crises we are facing right now and when the first Woman was voted into office.
I'm amazed at what has happened so far in my short life of 38 years and am so fascinated to think of what the future holds. The world may be in turmoil right now but we have to remember FAMILY is always number one. we should always put our love of family, religion, and life first! If we do that then everything will work out the way that it should. Politics and government may run the world but love rules our hearts!