Thursday, October 30, 2008

Britton's Early Birthday Party

Brittons Birthday is in the middle of the holiday season, and so we give him a choice of when to have is party. This year he wanted a Halloween party, the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. We had some of his little friends over for a small fall party of crafts (and yes they all wanted to do it, I know surprising for a bunch of 9-10 year olds) games and a pinata. I think they had more fun playing football after the pizza than anything else. I didn't think Bry would come home from work to help that was soooooo nice, and a special shout out for my neighbor Kathryn for coming over to help with the Carmel apples. Britton finally got a bike that fits him and a bloody nose from playing food ball, all in all a great party for a great kid! Happy Party Britton since your Birthdays not till Dec. 15th.

sports sports and more sports

Britton's last Lacrosse game was Saturday I don't know if I should be excited about not having to go to 2 hr. practices 2 times a week plus Saturday games or if I should be sad cause I loved to see him play. I think out of all the sports my kids have played I love Lacrosse the best. Britton is getting really good, and in a few years who knows he might get to play for the big boys go BYU!

Austin is now swimming in meets for Alta swim team he does really well in the sprints. Last week he came in third in his heat for the 50 meter and this week he came in second, he keeps beating his times so that's all he cares about. Go Alta! In two weeks Tanner and Britton will start Basketball with the neighbor boys, they are so excited, they play on Mon, so I guess we can count that for family home evening for the next couple of months right?

Friday, October 24, 2008

4 things

I'm copying this from an email I was sent and thought it's a great way to document my daily life in Oct 08.

4 favorite T.V. shows
Desperate housewives, House, Top Design, Jon and Kate pulse eight

4 of my favorite places to eat
Happy Sumo, Rumbies, Cheesecake Factory, Red Rock
4 things that happen yesterday
washed my car finally, Saw my granny, went to Austins first swim meet (he was 3 in his race), made the best little meat pockets for dinner club,

4 things I am looking forward to
Thanksgiving at the Inkley's (yea its not at my house this year), Lacrosse being over, basketball beginning, Christmas shopping.

4 things I love about Fall
the colors on the mountain behind our house, the cooler days, raking leaves, warm soup by the fire.

4 things on my wish list
white leather gloves (I know so practical), gas food clothes prices to go down, to stay very healthy this winter, and of course world peace:)

4 things I wish my kids would do
kiss me in public (OK tanner still does this), do there jobs with me not having to ask them plead then beg or yell, play quietly down stair for more than 30 min., say mom what can I do for you today. (I know, but it said wish list)
4 things on my bucket list
Go to London with Bryan to see his mission, see all my kids married in the temple, Go to Greece with the neighborhood travel group, Take Bryan to Hawaii to show him where I lived for 6 months (BYU Hawaii)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can I have a pepsi?

I have such a headache! I think PTA is going to kill me. I have given up diet Pepsi and only drink it when I'm desperate. well lately that seems like every day, so when I didn't have it for a few days this week I got headaches and was a little on edge so today I just had to go get one from the gas station, it just made me happy to suck down 32oz. I know its bad for me but with my crazy week ahead I needed a little happy!

Britton had a court of honor last night to get his wolf and several other merit badges they had an arrow of light and the boys thought it was so cool! fire, friends and cookies what more do boys want?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


What a fun UEA. We did some fun stuff this weekend. Of course daddy had to work on Thursday, so we decided to take a day off from everything, yup you heard me right everything, that included cleaning well almost all cleaning, you know me I did have to have the kitchen clean that would have driven me crazy! Any way I let the kids do what ever they wanted which was TV in there PJ's, but by 12:00 they were still not dressed and still watching TV not to mention it was lunch time and they hadn't eaten breakfast. I gently got them up stairs to eat cereal at noon and said let go for a hike. WHAT they all said you don't hike mom! We went up to the Bonneville trail and went down to the hang gliding park! on the way home they wanted to play at the park so we did, what a gorgeous day!

Friday we went to the state swim competition for special Olympics (the last event till March thank goodness) Tanner won a silver and a bronze pretty good for state! Then up to Park City to play at the Marriott with Nana and Papa, the kids swam and played in the arcade all day and into the night, they had so much fun! and I loved talking to my mom for hours with out the kids to bug us:).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tanner and Special Oylmpics

Tanner has so much fun in Special Olympics he loves to swim and now with Austin on the Alta swim team they both beg to go swimming, Austin wants to teach Tanner how to turn under water, good luck is all I can say. Tanner won two silvers and a bronze, he had good enough times to qualify for state so next Friday we will be spending all day up at the U! Go Tanner! Tanner also got to go to a basketball camp a couple of weeks ago. He had so much fun practicing with the collage pros. he made some great shots as well. I love going to all the sports events that the boys are in, I never thought I would love it as much as I do, but I get all excited to watch and cheer for them.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How clean am I

Funny thing about having 4 boys I think they are stinky all the time, so to counteract that stinkyness I tend to buy lots of fun soapy things they can use in the tub. The bad news is if I'm not watching they will use all the color pellets and 3 tubes of foam to play war games in the tub.
Tay saw my expression when I went into the bathroom and said "How clean am I?"
I do have to give them props they did smell great when they were done. However they did have to drain the tub and rinse off in the shower because they were so soapy and slippery. They also had to spent about 20 min. cleaning the tub. Hopefully that will deter them next time they want to have soap wars in the bathroom!

Can I just say YUCK!