Monday, May 16, 2011

Taylors baptisim

You never think you will see this day come.... I know there will be a lot this year, but to have your baby baptised is so happy and sad at the same time.  It was such a joy to see Austin Baptise Tay.  I was sitting by them before we started and Austin was holding Tay on his lap whispering something in his ear.  I just lost it!!  What joy fills a mothers heart to see two of her very strongest willed children choosing the right.  I had to be the  proudest mother in the world at that moment.

 Tanner is never one to hide his emotions.  and when he cries with or with out the spirit it is kinda loud.  Ever body walking out of the room stopped to watch Tanner tell Tay how proud he was of him  and give him a big hug.  Tanner loves his brothers so much I know it will be hard to see each one of them go on missions and leave him.

 Then off to the house we went to wipe down the wet patio furniture.  The weather man said 80 and sunny maybe a mountain micro burst.... are we in the mountains?   Some of my banners were rained and smeared and the paper lanterns were ripped a bit but it still looked darling and the party must go on. 

The  sun stayed out for the whole party and it was lovely.  Brys parents were there along with mine friends and family food and fun that's what the Inkley's love to do!!!!

So the baptism was at 2:00 so I wanted to do just candy and snacks, but then I thought we need sandwiches and salads and fruit and veggies and well then it just turned into a fun and easy early dinner. I love my kids I love making memories for them  I hope he will  never forget what an important day this was for the whole family.  Taylor I'm so proud of you I love you buddy!

I'm doing a wedding for a friend and I did start doing some banners and decorations that I used for the party and will be using again for a shower I'm doing in a few weeks.  If you want to see more photos of the party decorations go to my party blog. that's where I put all my fun party stuff.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Taylors Birthday.

 Really?  what do they think about?  Some times we let them eat their cake with out forks so Tay thought instead he would just smear the cupcake frosting on his face.... What a waste of good frosting. he he

 We asked Taylor what he wanted to do for his Birthday cause he will be Baptised next week, and we had Stake conference so we were not  going to have family over.  He said he wanted to feed the homeless??? what feed the homeless where did that come from.  At Christmas we went to give them coats and socks and we said we should have brought food.  I guess he remember that and wanted to do that.  

 So we hoped in the car and got hot dogs and water bottles.  The next day after church we heated up the hot dog in a crock pot and off we went.  I didn't get many photos cause I was too busy passing out the hot dogs.  The boys had fun and were so touched by what they saw,  we are so blessed to have so much!

 When the kids turn eight they get scriptures for their birthdays, not much fun but hey its a gift that will last a life time right?  He also got some books and a sock monkey (his favorite thing to collect)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What did we even Celebrate Easter?  We were on spring break and drove home to unload the car pick up Austin and race up to my Mom and Dads for Easter dinner on Saturday.  I was the only time we could get to gather as a family and yes there  are only two of us me and my bro. Marcee is in New Jersey (we miss you Marcee)  But we are a busy bunch and have tons to fit into our busy lives so Saturday it was.

The dinner was fabulous my mom out did herself with prime rib yes you heard right and it was divine.  With her being so sick I was so touched that she would spend so much time cooking and making us feel so special.  I know that she was sick the rest of the week, I love you mom!!!!  She also had the most delectable shredded potatoes and fruit and salad with her homemade dressing that I just loved!!! and for desert was a pink lemonade cake that just melt in your mouth and made you pucker at the same time  YUMMY!

I'm a loser mother cause I didn't get any photos of the kids with their Easter baskets  what??!!!???  this is the first year that has happened and I'm just sick about it.  There were no matching outfits no pictures taken at Target  my kids are so big now that they have to wear white shirts to church and if I took my 18 and 16 year old to get a photo done they would just kill me!  so alas our Easter celebration is not recorded in history with photos but just as a dear memory of being with the family hunting for Easter eggs in Nana's backyard (they are filled with money, I know right?  where's mine?) and eating delightful food with my Brother and his family and my wonderful parents.  Happy Easter!

Spring Break

 we defiantly go to Mesquite to play in the warm sun while its freezing cold up at home!!!  I love hanging out with friends and family. This year a lot of the guys didn't come. Bry was so mad the first day boy he can get very ornery.  But he came around the second day to have fun with the kids. 

 The boys were prunes every day they must have spent at least 4 hours in the pool.  They played volley ball and with their DS when they could sneak away but let me say this they did not stop playing for the 4 days we were there!
 The kids loved to hike up by the Dixie sign on the Mt. in St. Geroge so we stoped on our way home to let them run around.  They could have stayed there all day jumping off rocks racing around till I had to look away thinking they were going to kill themselves.  Luckily they did not.  If you notice Austin is not to be found, he brought along some friends, they drove down themselves and amused themselves all week we barley saw them.  Austin did at one point cut the entire top of his toe off and for that he came to us for help, but alas that is all we are good for- to see if he needed stitches and an occasional aspirin or Tylenol P.M.  How they grow up so fast :(

I hate that Austin is not in this picture it reminds me that he will be on a mission soon and will be very missed!!!! How am I going to live with out him? my sweet little baby grew up so fast and now will be off on his own I hate to think of it!