Friday, May 6, 2011

Taylors Birthday.

 Really?  what do they think about?  Some times we let them eat their cake with out forks so Tay thought instead he would just smear the cupcake frosting on his face.... What a waste of good frosting. he he

 We asked Taylor what he wanted to do for his Birthday cause he will be Baptised next week, and we had Stake conference so we were not  going to have family over.  He said he wanted to feed the homeless??? what feed the homeless where did that come from.  At Christmas we went to give them coats and socks and we said we should have brought food.  I guess he remember that and wanted to do that.  

 So we hoped in the car and got hot dogs and water bottles.  The next day after church we heated up the hot dog in a crock pot and off we went.  I didn't get many photos cause I was too busy passing out the hot dogs.  The boys had fun and were so touched by what they saw,  we are so blessed to have so much!

 When the kids turn eight they get scriptures for their birthdays, not much fun but hey its a gift that will last a life time right?  He also got some books and a sock monkey (his favorite thing to collect)

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laura kate said...

Feed the homeless...what a good boy. I sure miss Noah having such good examples. I can't believe Tay is eight,that came way too quickly!