Monday, February 25, 2013

 I kinda like my little New Port "getaways".  I always feel bad for my hubby and kids who are not invited to stay with Nana and Papa for a bit.  Adults only. My only wish is for Jeff and Marcee to come stay with me too!!! 
  Loved the first glimpse of the beach..... this seagull had taken over someones towel had to giggle a bit!

 The Marriott's views are unbelievable  the golf course Crystal Cove.  and the cute little towel animals they leave for you . I really should learn  how to do that for my kids.
 So me in Calie and Bry ice fishing with the kids last Saturday.  He said it was beautiful  sunny and 35 degrees which is warm lately.  Didn't catch anything for dinner but that's ok they ate the pheasant he shot a few days before.  LOL (Bry went with friends)
 The store Bliss my favorite one in New Port, its right on the main drag and the whole store looks like I could just wrap it up and bring it home, but alas it was a little expensive the 4.800$ console table will just have to wait  sigh.....
 This little chalk board is from a shop in Laguna, I love the nautical feel of the place. I always have to go in there and I'm still regretting not getting a glass buoy from last year.  It was not there surprise surprise.
 We did drive down to San Diego for the day it was a bit cloudy, but eating at Anthony's on the water was so beautiful.

I have to admit I have a little obsession with sea glass, I hunt it like my husband hunts wildlife.  I just can't get enough and i love treasure hunting!  I found so many beautiful  pieces on the beach this year.

and back home i go  to put these little summer shoes away for a few more months.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tanners 3 pointer

Tanner lives for sports.  He begs to get into the game no matter what the sport!  The Priest are playing church ball every Thursday night, Tanner comes home from school on Thursdays and is in his basket ball shorts before i even say hi.

Last week he made a 3 pointer and we didn't hear the end of it for days.  So this week Bry was prepared with his cell phone to see if Tanner would score again.  He made 7 points in the game and wouldn't you know it our ward won by 7 points.  What a great group of boys we have.  Thanks 10th ward Boys you rock.