Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas toys and joys

Snow Snow Snow wow I did not expect it to snow so much! I thought we might get to go to the in laws in the morning and my parents that night, wrong, we did get to the Inkley's later Christmas day after we shoveled ourselves out of the driveway. The kids had so much fun Christmas morning. Austin got rock band and we played it all day I'm not kidding like 4 hrs. I was so sick of rock music! although I was getting pretty good at the drums. Tay got his little table drums he loved them and Britton got transformers that's all he's wanted for 2 years running and Tanner loved his Ben 10 stuff. I got a new camera (Much needed) its so cool I can't wait to start taking photos with it. I also need to take a class to figure out our photo shop, really its like brain surgery!

all in all it was a fantastic Christmas. We did get to go to Nana's the next day which was great, a little something to look forward to. I can't believe the dinner it was so great. Pork tenderloin, candy yams that were to die for (baked in cream and sugar) green beans with cashew's and bacon, company carrots and homemade rolls, I brought a great little green salad and Costco's chocolate cream pie it was to die for!

I love getting together with the family that's what Christmas is all about, good times good food laughs and being together! Thanks family for making it so special all the concerts, food and kids what a perfect ending to the year! here's to 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The perfect chirstmas?

You know those days when it's suppose to be the perfect day? Well that was suppose to be today. I was going to go to Granny's and then drop off Tay at school and have 2hr. to scrapbook, that's what I've been wanting to do for a while now. So this is how it went down. I got back late from Granny's (Yes Tay was late again don't turn me in) so I knew tanner would be home in 45 min, there went scrap booking and I wasn't feeling very good by this time so I watched the last of my Cheesie Christmas Movie (It has taken me three days to finish it!) By then tanner came home put on his snow pants and went out side, OK (now what?) he made the cutest snow angel and drew letters all around it of course they made no scene so I asked Tanner what it said thinking its Christmas and he did just make a snow angle, maybe he was writing Merry Christmas no he was writing stay off my snow castle, so much for cute Holiday cheer.

the two other little boys came clamoring in fighting of course. Britton got a birthday present from his Nana, so I said lets open it. It was a transformer he all ready had, so he was sad and wanted to call Nana so she could fix it, (they are a little ungrateful) while I was on the phone with my mom, I heard argument after argument from the boys they were just on one today. As tay skidded into the door for the second time (first time last night and got a big bloody back eye) I just started yelling you are both grounded. as I was yelling the doorbell rang thinking it was a neighbor kid wanting to play, oh no it was the nice Neighbor who borrowed our nails and was bring them back as I'm yelling at my kids from the other room. (let me just hide now) then while still talking to my mom and yelling at my kids, I go up stairs to see blood all over the kitchen, Britton had gotten a bloody nose and when he does he bleeds a lot and for ever, it looked like a crime scene, I sit down out of the blood way watching it drip off the counter and look up to see my Christmas tree which is crooked and scan over to the sink where there is a very dirty fish bowel and my dead rosemary tree and poinsettia which has lost all but one flower on it, red petals falling looking like the blood dripping from the counter and I just started laughing! mom this is suppose to be a beautiful Christmas and instead it looks like Martha Stewart Pris0n years!

owell so much for the perfect day I guess I'll just go get in my Jammie's and watch a Muppet Christmas with my kids Bry will just have to clean the kitchen when he get home.

Monday, December 15, 2008

OK I have this darling neighbor who is a teacher and did an assignment about being thankful for things you hate, you heard me, find three things you hate and then list things you are thankful for about that dreaded thing. so hear goes.

stepping in water with my socks on. This happens most in the mornings when the kids are taking the cups out of the dishwasher, the water spills they miraculously don't see it spill therefor they don't wipe it up and then Viola mom steps in it with her socks on and has to go change her socks! (I hate wet socks)

I'm thankful for wet socks because:
1. that means one of my children has unloaded the dishwasher for me.
2. all the dishes are put away (however not in the right spots but whose complaining?)
3. I get to see all my nice dry socks again and be thankful I have so many! (OK that was a stretch)
Another thing I hate is Monday cleaning day, not that I hate to clean cause I don't but because at the end of the day it doesn't look like I've done anything.
I'm grateful for cleaning day because:
1. I get to smell all my cleaning produces, Its true I can often be found wandering the cleaning isle of Target just to smell the cleaning supplies Yum!
2. I do get clean bathrooms out of the deal.
3. If I didn't have a certain cleaning day it would never get done.

I hate hate hate skinning chicken I hate touching it I hate having to cook it, it grosses me out, I don't know why, maybe its the slimyness of it or the color or the gross smell before its cooked, Yuck.

I'm grateful for chicken because"
1. because its tasty when its all cooked up and in a Delicious dinner like Andreas chicken and ham dish Yummy
2. Its healthy and we have to have it in our diet (I know not as good as chocolate cake)
3. Some times I can talk Bry into doing it for me and a little extra help in the kitchen is always a great thing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hug your family

I went to such a sad funeral yesterday. A very close family friends, dad died from a freak accident. he was over at his sons house fixing lights when he fell off the ladder and died. It was so hard to see that wonderful family grieve. They were such a strong family, my dear childhood friend Kristi said my dad would have chosen to go this way. serving others in his prime before he had to get old and suffer.

It makes you think, who knows what day we will die, have we done enough, did we say there is always tomorrow or do we embrace life and everything in it, the good the bad the wins and losses and learn from it. dd we pray for understanding in hard times and thank Heavenly Father in the good? I hope to live each moment the best I can, I hope its good enough, and just so I've said it today I love all my family and friends I could not get through one day with out you!

A big hug and kiss from me, I love you all!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

what we did last weekend

What a week I was soooooo busy! I do love PTA but it takes up so much of my day, and its hard when volunteers don't show up. and thank you to the ones who did I love you. OK enough complaining. we did squeeze in quite a bit this week. we went with Jeff and Kim (Brother-sister-in-law) to the forgotten carols. I have never seen this before, I loved it. What a great Christmas story to start off the season and the music was so great! I laughed and cried I give it a big thumbs up!

we also went to the highly acclaimed oak hollow school Christmas choir concert! Britton was so cute, i didn't get great photos cause I was videoing (is that a word) the whole time. He sang so well and looked so cute in his Santa hat.then on Saturday it was off to see Santa at the Draper Sorensen House. He was so cute with the kids showing them trick with his hands and telling them stories what a sweet thing to do for the kids when he should have been up at the north pole making toys:)

then to top it all off we went to the Wasatch Christmas concert down in Utah county. we go every year and the kids love it so much. I'm so lucky they love music and concerts its such a big part of who I am and I love the fact we can all share in something so wonderful.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

help mom!

I just put my Christmas deco and I need major help! This post goes out to my mom but hey any help I get is much appreciated. OK fist off my buffet looks a little weird with the branches should I move them in front of the mirror or just get rid of them or have them laying on the buffet?
I took all the red berries out of the garland and tree should I put them back in I feel like its missing something but what?

OK big time help I need height maybe I should bring the branches over to the mantel but it will look so lopsided, so what to put on the other side? you can't see my JOY stocking holders but they look a little funny with all 6 stockings hanging on 3 hangers, should I get another hanger thing?and string them across or just on one end.

I have to admit once it is night time and all the Christmas lights are on you can't see much (we have no over head lighting) it does look OK, its not like I'm having a big party this year like last year but we do get people over and I want it to look OK. Mom love your advice call me!