Tuesday, December 2, 2008

help mom!

I just put my Christmas deco and I need major help! This post goes out to my mom but hey any help I get is much appreciated. OK fist off my buffet looks a little weird with the branches should I move them in front of the mirror or just get rid of them or have them laying on the buffet?
I took all the red berries out of the garland and tree should I put them back in I feel like its missing something but what?

OK big time help I need height maybe I should bring the branches over to the mantel but it will look so lopsided, so what to put on the other side? you can't see my JOY stocking holders but they look a little funny with all 6 stockings hanging on 3 hangers, should I get another hanger thing?and string them across or just on one end.

I have to admit once it is night time and all the Christmas lights are on you can't see much (we have no over head lighting) it does look OK, its not like I'm having a big party this year like last year but we do get people over and I want it to look OK. Mom love your advice call me!


laura kate said...

Please don't be alarmed to find me in the middle of the night sipping hot cocoa on your couch enjoying the magical splendor you have created in your home. It looks so inviting!

jerseygirl said...

everything looks great. It is a little plain w/out the berries but I kind of like it that way. You know me, plain jane. I really like the mantel the way it is, you can see the nativity scene. And I'm sure your Christmas tree is gorgeous. And your background is really cute, I had to do two different ones to make mine, I'll email you. And yes, being the baby is hard, but worth it in the end. Eventually Tay will get all the attention.

Catherine said...

Michelle! it looks wonderful! I love what you've done. I say add the red back- but hey, look who's talking! i love red! I agree, night time makes the Christmas stuff look better. I hate my tree during the day! You're such a decorator!