Wednesday, July 28, 2010

20 years and love'n it!

Bry is so sweet we are going on a big vacay in November for our 20 year anniversary and my 40th birthday.  But Bry is so thoughtful that on our real anniversary in June he surprised me with a trip to St. George to see the Tarzan at Toucan.  It was so much fun (except the flat tire we got on the way down there). We ate out slept in and had a weekend with out the noisy kids. Gotta love that!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amadas shower

I love to give parties, don't get me wrong but I wasn't home all week. I went to my best friends mothers funeral.  It was beautiful and my darling friend is so strong. I can't imagine losing a parent. You never know what the lord has in store for you, so live each day the best you can, find the good be happy and hug your children and husband. Life is short so live it well!  Amanda and Chad will be starting their married lives next month I'm so excited for them. 

I loved giving Amanda a shower and I wish I could have spent more time planning and making it more special for her.  But this will have to do and I think she liked it.  I had most of this from other showers and parties as it look similar to what I have done before. but I love the summer colors and who could not love Gerber Daisy my favorite flower!  We had a light lunch and a desert bar with lots of sugar, what more could you want? 

It was so funny we didn't have the gust bathroom done yet so Bry was the contractor working during the shower, the poor guest if they need to use the bathroom they had to go into our master bedroom to do so.   By an hour in Bry had finished what he was going to do for the day and party just kept going.  It was great to see my cousins and family we don't see each other often enough.  Why does it take a sickness or death to see how much family means to us. I truly love my extended family their all so fun and positive, I'm a lucky girl!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friends indeed!

As I was trying to organize my hundreds oh wait thousands of photos on my computer (its taken me weeks) I have found tons of picture's of me with my friends. I can honestly say I do have some great friends.  They are there when I'm having a crappy day, week, heck sometimes year!  They bring me Pepsi's when I least expect it!
 They make me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt and my abs quiver with exhaustion. (great work out) they have the best stories to tell about there family, and it makes mine seem OK in comparison!  They get me out of the house doing things I wouldn't do normally do like get season tickets to seven peaks, and go to women's conferences (who wants to do that stuff alone?)

They take me out on my birthday and buy me lunch and give me fun little gifts that remind me of them every time I look at them! You need friends who treat you special and I have those kind of friends.

I have even made some wonderful friends threw Brys work. I love going to work parties knowing that they will be there, and they will make me laugh and tell me I look fabulous, and we will talk all night catching each other up on what's happening in our families. 
I have friends who have babies and let me hold them and tend them and pretend they are mine!  I feel younger cause I have such fun younger mothers around me keeping me fashionable and up to date on whats new.

I have a sister who if she lived in Utah would be my go to gal but since she's across the country she's my long distant friend who I call when I need a little sisterly love, she is a friend who is stuck with me and can't ever not, be my friend  when I say something to tick her off!
My friends are the best they will do anything for me and of course i would do anything for them. I'm so blessed to have so many friends who push me to be a better person, who love me for who I am, and who no matter what know that I love them!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

banners baby 2

ok here are a few more banners I hope this is it for a while. I am hosting my cousins shower at my house on the 17th but I don't think I'm going to do one for her, I'm a little burned out!  I want to finish my stack of books and magazines not to mention my guest bathroom before the party!  I had to start out with my cute Taylor and his friends  whats more summer than 3 dirty cute little boys?  Tay also helped me with the banner for the fireplace, that little guys loves crafts.   The turquoise party is my darling friends husbands 40th birthday.  I wanted it to be classy (no tomb stones) but didn't want just black and silver so i added turquoise I think it turned out so cute.  We hung lanterns from her vaulted ceiling and above her buffet. But the candy table looked so cute i just had to show you what a  little material and a few ribbons can do!
This darling banner was for my friend Julies girl who is turning 16  I also did a 16 for her cake.  It looked darling hanging above the door. we wanted it outside in the tent but it was so windy we had to put it inside, still darling!