Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring at the Inkley's

 Highlights of our spring so far.  Tanner went to Sadie Hawkins with Maddie Oh how we love this girl!!  She decided with her cute boyfriend to take Tanner and Nicole to the dance.  They had so much fun.  Tanner has been to all the dances so far this year.  How blessed we are in our lives to be surrounded by such wonderful youth.
 We have never had pop corn trees before.  (that's what Taylor said)  Its so fun having trees that are so beautiful in the spring.  Come fall I know I will miss our large aspens but for now these are so beautiful.
 I also tackled my bathroom tile.  I will post a tutorial on  It does look good now I promise these were the doing... the final turned out great.  Now I will be painting the walls in the little cove a light sea foam green, Bry said it looked white but I promise the paint for the walls has a touch of green lol.

 Taylor's Birthday was the first of May and wouldn't you know it, it decided to snow!! Tay was a good sport about going and changing out of his shorts and into pants and a jacket.  Britton chalked his birthday message "happy flipin' birthday Taylor"  so classy.  lol

 Its baseball season and Tanner "played" on the Alta high baseball team again this year. The last game was so sad I had to cry.  They passed out tee shirts to the school or mission the kids were going to.  Tanner will be going to Canyons Academy but since he is an honoree member of the Utah football team he thinks he is going there.  My heart is breaking because I know that these fun years for Tanner are over.  I know there will be other things for him to do but you can never have as much fun as you can in high school, am I right?

these beautiful flowers were from Austin with a note that just melted my  heart!  How did I get so lucky to get such a great kid?  He is doing well and we got to talk for 2 hours.  It was so good to see his face. He is a man now all grown up.  He talks like a man and looks like a man but in my heart he is still my little baby.  His mono is getting a little better and the pain in his joints are getting a little better as well he said.  I don't know if he is just saying that so I wont worry or if he really feels a bit better?  I keep putting his name in the temple and a truly hope that the faith of those who pray for him will truly help him to feel a bit better. 

Lacrosse is by far my favorite sport to watch.  The games are only an hour, there is none of this football mom stuff that drives me crazy. No pep rallies no dinners Its the best!!!!  Tays team was ok this year, his coach was not as great as last years and he kept comparing as did I.  But he played practically the entire game every game, so that will do him good for next year. 

Brits team rocked and he is becoming a great little goalie.  I can't believe he likes to play that position!!  He gets huge bruises from balls that get past his pads but he still keeps, wanting to play goalie.  What a great kid.
Last but not least last Thursday I helped with a Wedding it was so beautiful, right up my alley. He colors were cream pink samon and gray.  Loved that she went very vintage.  We used my suitcases chandeliers lanterns wreaths books, and of course put ribbons on every thing! hopeful I will get some photos from the mom, I had to leave half way though setting up because I had to work, you know my other job. LOL (I only have three)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Maxi skirt party!

I love love love Maxi skirts.  So party at my house on the 28th or call me for more details!