Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok so when a friend asks if I can help style a wedding she is doing the food for I jumped at the chance.  I mean it's all there I didn't have to gather or hunt bring anything. I just showed up and tied bow after bow. Styled the food table and the candy table and make bows for signs and jars  how fun is that????

 I love adding greenery to make the food look better! If you want to see more pitcher's of my styling go to my design blog www.theglitzypear.blogspot.com  :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lego Land

 Ok so this was it, we go to Lego Land this year or never again.  Britton loves Lego's and Tay does as well but  they are getting a little old to go to the park.  Sooooo we went,  It cost as much as Disney but the kids loved it just as well.
 Every thing was made with Lego's and it was so darling I forgot how cute it was.  Britton was 6 months the last time we were there that was 11 1/2 years ago.
 Tay was so cute, he loved the rides and all the Lego things that were all over the  park.
 Ok so tanner was a little big to drive the cars but loved getting his licence none the less!!! He wanted to keep riding this all day..
 Hurry Tay get out of that Shark!
 A roller coaster that you have to peddle?  they had so much fun riding this above the park.  Once again we got the fast passes and the kids got to skip every line!!  (which was great cause they were an hour long)

 Star Wars Lego world was the hit of the day.  Britton took a ton of photos we are making a book to pass of a merit badge.
 Ok so I have a thing for Indiana Jones, can yo blame me?
The kids got a little wet but had so much fun driving these in the water.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The wedding

 I loved doing this wedding!  I loved the colors the concept "A Parisian Picnic" and all the decor.  I loved shopping for little chandlers and gates and tables.  I loved making the banners and wreaths.  If I could do this every day I would be in heaven.
 the candy bar and drink station turned out darling  I love the menu sign made out of old cabinet doors I found for 15$.
 Ashely was the brains behind this bench could you just die!!! it was an old head board who knew?  I love working with Ash  sometimes we just get carried away.

Dear Lizzy I love your oh so sweet sign but at 24$ a letter we just made our own thanks and I think it looks just as sweet!
If you want to see more photos go to theglitzypear.blogspot.com