Saturday, July 14, 2012

studio 5 fun

Here is the link to the segment I did for studio 5 last Friday. it was so fun, but just a little FYI you need to hang that puppy with your wreath hook and a 3M hook half way down the door.  With the wind we have been having It's been blowing my top heavy door hanging slightly crooked!! I can't have that so easy fix is just add a another ribbon to tie it to the 3m hook done!

If you want a tutorial hop on over to my crafting blog and follow me on my weekly craft blog which will soon to be a home make over blog, we will be moving down the street in a few week so  yea i get to make over a new house, paint cans here I come!

Monday, July 9, 2012

austins latest

This is a little long but I'm posting it anyway,  Austin Austin I wish he would reread his emails they are so hard to read!!! but here it is and as you can see he is doing great and loving the work. 

Well this has been some week.

Monday we went down to buffalo for p-day. And that was a really good time. Played a little basketball. Everyone in buffalo is a great ball player, so when we beat them so that was really cool. Then we went and played a zombie again at the science museum that was just okay.

Tuesday. We went to help bailed some more hay. That was so much fun. Brother Becker had about 150 bales on the field so we put all of them in the barn. The bailer was still broken because he did something to it again. So I tried to fix it again. That was so bad cuz I know nothing about bailers let alone farm work. But I was the only one that would help him so I had to clear out the 1950's bailer about 12 times while everyone else messed around playing on the tractors. Then it rained hard while I was driving this little P.O.S. tractor,  then it started to rain really hard and I was way out in the field about .8 miles back to the barn, I had to drive back or that old tractor would have broken down, I wanted to leave it there and run back, but couldn’t do that. Ha ha got to love the farm life.

Wednesday we went to the Alexander’s to teach this girl, Maria, who called us the day before and wanted to be baptized. That was a really cool thing to have happen. She wanted to get baptized on Saturday and this was her first lesson, 4 days before, it was really cool. We taught her 3 lessons that day, the resto, plan of salvation, and the gospel. Then we went to Kelly's for a great 4th of July party. The party didn't happen. We drove all over the country side trying to find  fireworks to watch. Every time we would see them they would stop then we would keep driving and then the same thing keep happening. Crazy!!!!

Thursday taught Maria again. Finished up the entire lessons with her so that she could have her interview Friday. Then we drove down to Cattaraugus. So that we could get an interview with Pres. Christensen. Then we exchanged. I went down to cat. We were on the reservation down there for the Indians that was really cool. Talked with a lot of cool people.

Friday we went to the one white guy that lives on the res. his name is buzz. We ate at a cool place call Indian pride. Ate a fish fry that is famous around here, the was really good. It is really just a big fish and chip. Then went to see this resent convert named Courtney she is really cool. Then exchanged back.

Saturday we had the baptism filled the font and helped Elder Gudgell write his talk that he had to give on baptism. That was really all that we did. The baptism was crazy since it was such short notice we were scared that there was not going to be a lot of people show up. There were about 24 people that came so that was really good. That has to be the fastest baptism ever – 4 days.

Sunday I had to speak at church, on Coming unto Christ. That was really good topic for me. I can now say that I know this church is true. Before it was just a belief that I had,  now I know for sure that  it is true. Then we went to sister Scales and talked with her. She is confined to her home so she doesn't get out much. So we just go and talk with her, she really likes us to come by.

I love you all.

"Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live."

Elder Inkley.