Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something Wicked this way comes

Oh my goodness what a night. We have the most wonderful friends in our neighborhood. One of them is Bridgett Server who had a scrap book company that was so successful that she sold it for a lot of money and now channels that creativity and money into fabulous parties that she invites all her closest friends too. Like 200 of us! She built my dream house in Alpine, if my French cottage is still on the market we can aford it  we will buy it and live happily ever after! Here is the rundown of how the party went down. 11:00 Went to Kmart (haven't been in years) to get witches tights, my hairdresser said they had them (they did not) but I did find a darling slivery cape not to mention some Christmas presents that I know have stashed away. 1:00 Off to Haylee's to carve pumpkins a cute little black spray painted number with a silver glittery skull so cute! Did not win the iPod touch so sad. 3:00 clean house get pizza for dinner and start makeup, finish the pumpkin trifle that I will be adding to the catered event. 5:30 bry home and the crazy begins, get his head painted finish his costume and off we go. (Forgot my darling broom). Get to the event at 7:00 and are greeted by a professional photographer where we are swept away into a lair of Halloween bliss. I have only dreamed of such parties as mine are always on a very tight budget. But if I had the time and money this is what my parties would look like!!!!!!

then to our surprise the line for the food was so long about a half an hour wait, but what a wait it was so delicious we ate our fill of spicy chicken and pork so tender it melted in your mouth, baked pears and these chocolate mounds of Oreo toped with moose dipped in chocolate yum I had two. around 9:00 we started dancing and the party really began, ok so we have about 100 people in the basement dancing our hearts outs and not a drop of alcohol in sight it was so fun, and yes that's me doing the splits I still know how to command an audience or make a fool of myself whatever works. 10:30 stager out of the monster mash tired and happy after spending the night with friends old and new, food and fun oh what a night.

  Jennifer Free this is Bridgett the hostesses and me wishing I had bridgetts house!
photos at ever angle of all my friends  Kristi Rodgerson, Dannalee, Jennie Damjanovich,  so cute!

Heather Kim, me and Haylee Smith

Dannalee tring to figure out what to eat maybe one of those apples right there!

Mantal number 1 she has 3 fireplaces in the house.

I want this chandler in my kitchen minus the skulls it is huge I would have to find it a little smaller. OH the candy bar this was just part of it. She had bags for us to take the little goodies home to our little goblins. So cute and easy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


How did slang ever get started? It's so funny to see that, even words go in and out of fashion. I was visiting my Granny today and was asking her about her eyes (she has macular degeneration) she looked up at the shinny sprinkler thing they have on the ceiling of the rest home, and while she was squinting up at it, she said, 'by chracky' I think I still see it. I started laughing and said Granny I have never heard that one before. 'Oh heavens to Betsy' we had fun all day saying as many 'ya know' slang words that we could, 'bless our hearts'. It was 'sick' (one granny hadn't heard it means good) or 'awesome', 'like' we were laughing so hard 'for heaven sakes' that the nurse came in to check on us we were being so loud, 'holy cow' we can laugh. And speaking of Holy there are a lot of them holy cow, holy smokes, holy Toledo, holy moley, holy crap. Then came the eighty's gargin 'like totally tubular' 'gag me with a spoon' which led to 50's gargin like 'fly me to the moon' and 'don't get your knickers in a knot.' who can say that they spend every Tue for 2-4 hours with their Granny laughing till we cry most days, "I thank my lucky stars" that I have such a great relationship with my Granny. I can't wait till next week to see what she will come up with, so 'keep your pants on' and I'll let you know.

Girls weekend 09

There are no two more wonderful words in the whole English language than GIRLS WEEKEND. We have been doing this for a long long time. I think this is our 9th year. Julie correct me if I'm wrong. We go up to park city just far enough away that we are not too accessible and close enough that it doesn't take us all day to get there and get settled in. Our schedules look a little like this. Eat lunch shop eat dinner shop eat midnight snack and talk till 1am. Sometimes it varies like this year we did fit in a movie. Some times we do projects like scrap booking or sewing. We like to watch all the T.V. we are not allowed to watch at home like The girls next door or the Kardashians. All the gossip mags are on the coffee table while the top 10 is being broadcast from the style net work. And at the end of the weekend we are happy with side aches from laughing so hard and hang overs from no sleep not to mention the dark circles. but we are a little more relaxed and ready to come back home to our wonderful family's who let us get away for a minute. We appreciate them more when we are away from them for a spell, it should be mandatory that moms get a weekend every other month, that sounds about right. what do you think?