Friday, February 27, 2009

BasketBall Season 08-09

Basket ball season is coming to a close. The boys have had so much fun playing ball on the Jr. Jazz team. Britton played with his friends Jake, Heath, Ben and of course they let Tanner on the team. I don't know how many games they have won but in their minds they have won them all, they just love to play. Last week Tanner made the best basket. It swooshed right in all net, clearly a stroke of great luck, but that didn't matter to Tanner who though he had just won the game in over time. (it was second quarter).

Britton is a great at passing, he is sure to be a Jon Stockton if he keeps it up. We have got to get a basketball hoop in the neighborhood. Too bad our drive way is so steep, we would have had one a long time ago.

Tay loves to come to all the games. Although he watches only 10 minutes OK I'm exaggerating may 3 minutes. He love to go on the side lines and play ball with the other brothers (who are also not supporting their brothers in the game,) and just goof off with the extra balls. He must use the bathroom no less than 2 times and get maybe 10 drinks from the fountain. He loves being there in all the loud screaming, yelling, cheering court running around and goofing off.
This photo was taken after he had just made a shot, Tanner stopped to pose knowing I had the camera while his team continued running down the court without him. One time he blew a kiss at the neighbor mom who he has a little crush on, Sorry Katheryn he love you, and don't get me started when Toni (another mom) comes he has loved her since the day he met her 5-6 years ago! Every time he is mad at me he yells "I'm running to Toni's house!"

Friday, February 20, 2009

A great little book

I just finished a very long long book (A fraction of a whole) I was board, fascinated , disgusted and intrigued. It was a very strange book so needless to say I was hesitant about starting another one. I do however love to read so picked up my next library book entitled All is Vanity. Can I just say what a treat, what a delightful little book about a teacher writing the great American novel. It's hysterical. I have LOL many times now, the thing is I relate to her, let me just give you a glimpse of her and embarrassingly enough my life. Margaret the leading lady of the story can not get an idea to come to her for her novel, when she does she tapes it up around the apartment on paper thinking she would be like Faulkner (I know who? a famous writer who wrote on is walls) when her best friend found little discrepancy's and such, Margaret tore down the paper and the paint with it, "now look I have to paint the apartment I can't work in a shabby place such as this." And so it goes on and on, to doing the dishes going shopping for a baby name book to get good ideas for names for her novel. She does everything else but write the novel. OK I don't know if she eventually finishes cause I'm on page 144, in just 2 days (It's a fast read) but it's so me, I've been trying to hem my pants for 3 weeks now, they have been sitting on my coffee table that long, and the dust is gathering around them, but I hate to hem or sew for that matter, so instead of just doing it I do other things like... getting out my sewing machine to do fun little scrapbook pages and make beanbags for Maura the little girl I'm tending.(I know pathetic.) I've got to focus I need more lists and energy, maybe I'll go have a B vitamin and a red bull, hemming here I come.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valintines Dinner

Inkley's,Stoney's and the Thompson's, (the Jorgenson's were dearly missed! )
I use to have a Christmas dinner with my dear friends and their husbands. Well the last couple of years its been too hard to find a good time during the holidays so I started the whole Valentine's Dinner, (I mean who wants to go out and wait 2hrs for a table? that does not put me into a romantic mood). So I say come on over and eat and talk and then, hey lets watch a funny Brian Reagan DVD. (good cuddling time). We missed one of our long time friends, they were off to a soccer convention,we've known them since 1993. Any way good food good chocolate melting cakes and good conversation and NO CHILDREN! what more do you need for a romantic dinner?

Austins first Prom

Austin is 16 and just got asked to Sweet heart prom. The girl is a swimmer on the team with him. Her name is Rachel . she took him to lunch and then to Sanpan for dinner. Off to the Prom they went and we told him to be back by 12:00. So Bry and I were so shocked when he showed up at 10:30 that night, apparently she is not 16 (we didn't know that fact) and her curfew was 10:00. I was pleasantly surprised that he was home so early, to tell you the truth I don't think it even crossed his mind to ask her when she had to be home, and even he was surprised it was so early. they didn't even have time to take pictures I was so disappointed! Good thing I got some of him before he went to lunch and before Prom, she wanted him in black and red. (not my favorite combination)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the end of swim team

Austin's swimming came to an end, with region last weekend. He did great and took seconds off of his best times. He started the day with a fever and yet how can you not swim at regions after all the practice and meets? what a trooper we are so proud of him. He does get a week off before Lacrosse starts I hope he feels better by then.