Friday, February 20, 2009

A great little book

I just finished a very long long book (A fraction of a whole) I was board, fascinated , disgusted and intrigued. It was a very strange book so needless to say I was hesitant about starting another one. I do however love to read so picked up my next library book entitled All is Vanity. Can I just say what a treat, what a delightful little book about a teacher writing the great American novel. It's hysterical. I have LOL many times now, the thing is I relate to her, let me just give you a glimpse of her and embarrassingly enough my life. Margaret the leading lady of the story can not get an idea to come to her for her novel, when she does she tapes it up around the apartment on paper thinking she would be like Faulkner (I know who? a famous writer who wrote on is walls) when her best friend found little discrepancy's and such, Margaret tore down the paper and the paint with it, "now look I have to paint the apartment I can't work in a shabby place such as this." And so it goes on and on, to doing the dishes going shopping for a baby name book to get good ideas for names for her novel. She does everything else but write the novel. OK I don't know if she eventually finishes cause I'm on page 144, in just 2 days (It's a fast read) but it's so me, I've been trying to hem my pants for 3 weeks now, they have been sitting on my coffee table that long, and the dust is gathering around them, but I hate to hem or sew for that matter, so instead of just doing it I do other things like... getting out my sewing machine to do fun little scrapbook pages and make beanbags for Maura the little girl I'm tending.(I know pathetic.) I've got to focus I need more lists and energy, maybe I'll go have a B vitamin and a red bull, hemming here I come.

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laura kate said...

Thanks for the recommendation, just the kind of book I've been in the mood for. p.s. Did you know you were the first person to mention twilight (i think it was even in a rs lesson) Anyways, it was way before all the hype! Your such the trend setter.