Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to school

I thought that when my kids went back to school I would get long afternoons reading my library books on a cosy couch, going over to neighbors houses and holding babies cleaning my house and generally being lazy! Not so. I haven't have a minutes rest this year. granted being in the PTA I expected it to be busy I just didn't realize that it would be so time consuming, (think late nights making list in my head for hours) now that the two big back to school events are over I think maybe I'll get to grab some me time. Maybe I'll clean my house or clean out my scrapbook room YIKES! I might get my toe nails done (just in time to hide them in my boots:( I might actually try cooking a home cooked meal this month see how the kids like my cooking. I think they've forgotten that I use to cook. I'm not quite ready to hunker down for winter but I need to slow down a bit be less scheduled stop and smell the....?..... whats in bloom right now, pumpkins? I love pta I love being busy I love my kids and there sports and I love all the projects that are waiting for me to finish but I also love having a lazy afternoon with nothing to do and no were to go. So Oct. is all about balance its finding my glow! Look out Mac counter here I come!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

end of summer party.

ok so its almost Oct. but I just wanted to post some fun pitchers of summer! on Labor day I had a Luau, it was so yummy and warm and fun It felt like we were on vacation ok not really but when your with your friends its always a good time. Some times we forget that this is what life is all about. Friends and family gathering making memories learning from each other. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by great neighbors and have such close friends and family near by. My life couldn't get any better!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Isn't that hot???? We had so much fun going to the dinosaur park up in Ogden. I had to drive Austin and his friend Bradon up to Logan to EFY so while I was up that way I got to thinking what can I do that is fun. The Scrapbook outlet yea that sounded fun, well not to the kids but they were good sports and we soon off to see the dinosaurs!

Britton conquering the world. He posed so cute for every photo he loves to be the center of attention, (what middle child doesn't)
digging for Dino bones, Tanner was mad that after they uncoverd them they couldn't lift me up and take them home. They had more fun here than walking around in the hot sun. I had to drag them away after 30 min cause i was soooooo board!

I all most lost Britton here but luckily he fought off the Dino with sheer strength and brains. Lets hope he has some left over for when he starts the 5th grade this fall.

We were protected by a string fence so we felt relatively safe to get close to the dangerous beast!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our last hurrah for the summer. It was Bryan's birthday and we were going to go up to Park City and play with my mom and Dad and Brother and their kids. We were going to shop swim and party all weekend. But that did not happen my sweet sweet dad had an artery that was bleeding out into his body. He passed out and my mom called 911. If she would have gone to bed any earlier she would have never heard my dad fall and he would have bleed to death. It is so scary how fast life can change one minute you are planning a party and the next you are spending the weekend with your mom praying your dad will get better. After 3 days in ICU 4 units of blood, he started to get better, thank goodness I can't imagine my life without my Daddy. he is the rock that holds us all together, I love him so much!

my mom suggested that we go up to park City and use the condo that was just sitting there since the kids didn't start school till Tues. we did. We walked up and down main street. Ate at all the cool yummy places went to the movie G-force (cute) and had a great time.
I think the funnest thing we did was get Britton's gemology merit badge. We went into a jewelry store that had big rocks out front to ask some questions. The owner Ken Whipple took us down stairs to see all his cool rocks and petrified dinosaur bones. He gave Britton a ton of rocks one of them was an uncut emerald and they all got to pick out a geode and saw it in half to see the crystals inside. They got to keep them and when we went into another rock (jewelry store) we saw that they were selling them for 15$ a piece and the kids got both half's of their rocks not to mention the price of the other things he gave Britton. He had so much fun!
Well back home and back to school, my busy days as the PTA pres will soon start, hope I survive!