Monday, April 23, 2012

Ok Draper girls, your story made this video!!! With  our matching birthday letter charmes.  This is the video that I styled over at Jen's house.  I loved adding all those bows to everything.  I know I'm not going out and doing parties but if you need anything for birthdays mothers days just holler I'll run down to the warehouse and grab something for you! :)

PS dad thanks for always making us look out the window on vacations and telling us just to sit back and enjoy!!!

Austin week 2 in New York

I love getting letters form Austin, all though I can't understand some of it because we write how we talk..... any way so good to hear from him,  Here is some highlights of his week.  

This week has been a rough one on me. I had to do a comp exchange with some other Elders in our zone. I have not smelled a worse apt then this one in my life. It was bad! Elder White is also just a weirdo. I love him but yes he is weird. O well I made the best of it and went to work even thought he just wanted to sit and do nothing. I don’t get him and his comp. We switched back on Wednesday so that was a long 2 days.

(His apartment)

Tuesday during the exchange we really did nothing but track and sit in the car until I could talk elder white into working but I got things done just not how I would have liked them to be. We also then just went to work trying to find new people for them to teach so that maybe it would revamp the fire for them. Elder White who I changed with is really smart, just weird. So we got in this debate with a anti Mormon guy and he just killed him. It was really cool and I learned a lot about the church and the bible. So I set a goal to read the bible more so I could use so scripts better. Ya the bible is really boring I don’t know how other religions can read it so many times. (O wait yes I do, because they don’t have the BOM.)

(His Kitchen)

Wednesday was the first district meeting and I was so excited cuz I got to be with Elder Stoker again who is my comp. He is such a good man, leader, and roll model for me. We did a lot of work on Wednesday.  Then we went and talked to Reta she is such a good lady she just needs to move out and she can and will be baptized. Her BF is just really controlling. Then we went to the temple with the RS. I had to baptize 4 people it was really good and cool, I felt the spirit so strong but I was so nervous.

(Saying good bey to his favorite MTC Companion)

Thursday . We found 3 really good and legit investor's. One is really old he looks 65 but he is really cool. The others are good as well. One guys named Paul he is 18 and knows allot more than me about religion in the bible. He is amazing and really wants to learn. It is really cool to see how the lord works and he does it in mysterious ways. (Just so that you all know or should know by now. I can’t spell so do your best.)

(Last week at the Sacred Grove)

Friday It is going by so fast and I hate it. I have been out for 2 weeks feels like 2 days. And I realized that is getting to call home in 3 weeks. So mom and dad I can use Skype . Friday we had WK (weekly Planning) it takes forever but it is needed. I just wish that we had more time to do it sometimes. It takes about 3 hours but we have to do it all in 1/30.  Satan has been working on me and my comp this week really hard. he's been trying to make( at least me not) want to get up and go and just stay in and sleep’s  I figured out why Fri. this 19 year old that elder Stoker taught in Buffalo got his mission call to where elder Stoker lives, in Ogden Utah. So they got called to each other’s missions. Wired I know. So we got permission from the pres. to go and support him of course he said yes. But Satan really tried everything to not get us there. It was really just a bad situation. Once we got there. It was awesome. Best spirit that I have felt and wow is all I can say.

(His companion and mission Pres. Christensen and wife)

Saturday we just worked and worked found another 3 new investor's so that was really good. At least 2 of them are going to be legit. I could see the blessings after because we pushed through all the crap the day before the lord blessed us and we had a great day.

Work and more work. Is all I can say to anyone that is going through a hard time? If you just work serve other people and work. They you will 1 feel better and 2 you will start to see things fall into place that would not have if you didn’t serve.

 love you all you are all great.

live the Life you Love. Love the Life you Live.

Elder Inkley.

Love that kid!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Austins in New York

I'm so happy Austin is out in the Field right now, he is so happy there.  We got our first email on Monday from him I'll post A  little or I should say a lot, because this is the longest letter we have received.  I keep asking him for more details but he has never been a talker.  :)

"So this has been a really cool first week. I have done a lot and feel like I have only been here for a day.

Monday....the flights were so long I felt like I was going to die. The mission pres and his wife feed us his really good dinner.  Best thing I've had in 9 weeks.  Then we had a long meeting, me and elder Robertson were so tired that we were both ready to zonk out but i did stay awake till 9:15 before i zonked out.

Tuesday.... woke up ate some cereal. we then meet our new comps.  mine is Elder Stoker, we get along great!  then went to the church sites.  While we were walking through the sacred grove all you could do was feel a radiating spirit coming out of that place it was so cool.  We also were filmed for the CES fireside on May 6th so if you get a chance i would hope that you watch it to see a familiar face. We have the best ward they cook for us every night, I'm going to get fat!!

(does my son not remember that I cooked for him every night for 18 years and he did not get fat??)

Wednesday.....Was the first time i got to go out.  We always have a full schedule.  My companion is really good at planning, and just a really good guy.  We have a few investigators that we have been working with and a lot of less actives that we are trying to get to come back.  But I would really love people that i can teach who will be baptized.

Thursday was really busy had leadership training and them worked all day.  We did have a nerf gun fight at one of the less active members houses.  He is really cool his name is tone and is in love with guns and cars, not really like me but we get along he is 14 and was just baptized 8 months ago.  WE have just been helping him comeback to church.

Friday...... We had plans fell through so we did a lot of street contacting to see if we could find some new investigator's.  People will listen and then will not be home for the time that you come by to see them.  so we did a lot of drop byes and everyone was home :)

Saturday I got my first baptism I am just that good.  JK  my companion has been working with this girl who is 18 and is so strong.  her parents have disowned her.  Her grandpa cut every thing off from her.  The only thing she has is some cloths and these really good members that have taken her in.  She has gone through so much and still got baptized she is just a great example of everything that is church needs.

Sunday..... had to speak in church, good thing I was already thinking that i had to speak (thank you Holy Ghost)  So I spoke on the the H.G. it was a really good talk I can't believe that i lasted the full 10 min.  Then we went to the Trimms.  They are the coolest family, except mine, I love you mom!  Sister Trimm can see spirits just like tanner can, but she can only see the outline.  She has been able to do this her whole life but after she got baptized her gift just grew.  She told me that there was a man standing n ext to me and his wife on the other side all she could see is that he had a hat and she had short curly hair.  The first thing that I thought of was granny and poppy.  It was really cool I can't believe that they are with me, but then i remembered granny told me that she would always be with her missionary's and I knew that it was her.

live the life you love. love the life you live Bob Marley

love you all!!!
Elder Inkley"

What a great kid this is going to be a long haul but so excited to watch him grow maybe next time he will quote the prophet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

studio 5

So i have never posted a video link I'm still so nontechnical in this department. I better learn soon!!! I looked like a hyper jacked up crafter and my mouth would it not close? I feel the need to tie my hands up so they are not flying all over the screen, (poor camera man).  Other than that I had a blast on the show and cant wait to do it again in May the 21st to be exact!!!

click on this link to see the video. I know there is a better way to do this but not sure how.....
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen>iframe>

Monday, April 2, 2012

Working on my Studio 5 projects

Can you tell what the segment will be about???

I have a few things up my sleeves for the show and I can't wait to show them all to you on my design blog after the show but here is a little sneak peek at what I'm working on. trying hard to get printables that you can print from my blog. hope it happens in time.  April 12th is the date and i sure hope I don't crash and burn. :)