Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Austins in New York

I'm so happy Austin is out in the Field right now, he is so happy there.  We got our first email on Monday from him I'll post A  little or I should say a lot, because this is the longest letter we have received.  I keep asking him for more details but he has never been a talker.  :)

"So this has been a really cool first week. I have done a lot and feel like I have only been here for a day.

Monday....the flights were so long I felt like I was going to die. The mission pres and his wife feed us his really good dinner.  Best thing I've had in 9 weeks.  Then we had a long meeting, me and elder Robertson were so tired that we were both ready to zonk out but i did stay awake till 9:15 before i zonked out.

Tuesday.... woke up ate some cereal. we then meet our new comps.  mine is Elder Stoker, we get along great!  then went to the church sites.  While we were walking through the sacred grove all you could do was feel a radiating spirit coming out of that place it was so cool.  We also were filmed for the CES fireside on May 6th so if you get a chance i would hope that you watch it to see a familiar face. We have the best ward they cook for us every night, I'm going to get fat!!

(does my son not remember that I cooked for him every night for 18 years and he did not get fat??)

Wednesday.....Was the first time i got to go out.  We always have a full schedule.  My companion is really good at planning, and just a really good guy.  We have a few investigators that we have been working with and a lot of less actives that we are trying to get to come back.  But I would really love people that i can teach who will be baptized.

Thursday was really busy had leadership training and them worked all day.  We did have a nerf gun fight at one of the less active members houses.  He is really cool his name is tone and is in love with guns and cars, not really like me but we get along he is 14 and was just baptized 8 months ago.  WE have just been helping him comeback to church.

Friday...... We had plans fell through so we did a lot of street contacting to see if we could find some new investigator's.  People will listen and then will not be home for the time that you come by to see them.  so we did a lot of drop byes and everyone was home :)

Saturday I got my first baptism I am just that good.  JK  my companion has been working with this girl who is 18 and is so strong.  her parents have disowned her.  Her grandpa cut every thing off from her.  The only thing she has is some cloths and these really good members that have taken her in.  She has gone through so much and still got baptized she is just a great example of everything that is church needs.

Sunday..... had to speak in church, good thing I was already thinking that i had to speak (thank you Holy Ghost)  So I spoke on the the H.G. it was a really good talk I can't believe that i lasted the full 10 min.  Then we went to the Trimms.  They are the coolest family, except mine, I love you mom!  Sister Trimm can see spirits just like tanner can, but she can only see the outline.  She has been able to do this her whole life but after she got baptized her gift just grew.  She told me that there was a man standing n ext to me and his wife on the other side all she could see is that he had a hat and she had short curly hair.  The first thing that I thought of was granny and poppy.  It was really cool I can't believe that they are with me, but then i remembered granny told me that she would always be with her missionary's and I knew that it was her.

live the life you love. love the life you live Bob Marley

love you all!!!
Elder Inkley"

What a great kid this is going to be a long haul but so excited to watch him grow maybe next time he will quote the prophet.

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jerseygirl said...

awwww thanks austin for making me cry first thing in the moring, lol! it sounds like he's doing great!! I'm so glad- hey Mich, can you txt me his new address, thanks!! love you and see you soon yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!