Monday, August 10, 2009


I haven't been to Moab since I was in high school. What has taken us so long to get back? My dream vacations is always by the ocean, but I forget how much amazing beauty can be found in the mountains and in the desert and red rock! I loved every minute of our little family get away.

we left on Thursday and drove down to Moab we ate dinner then hiked up Park Ave. in Arches National Park. It was just getting dark the sun was going down and the rock was so beautiful. the kids loved climbing up the steep cliff much to our horror and we kept yelling be careful. they must have heard that phrase at least 100 times. We met our dear friends down there the Stoney's and the Jorgensen's. The boys loved that there were other kids to play with and that led to more daring antics I'm afraid!

On Friday we ran the river. wow talk about fun! I wish there were more rapids. It was a windy day and the river guides said that they had never rowed so much! Not only was it a great work out but we really had to work together to row at the same time and watch out for each other. I love that it taught our kids that unity will get you any where! We had hot dogs and home made ice cream for dessert thanks to Heidi who taught us how to make it in tin cans with ice and cream and sugar, the Oreo was divine!

On Saturday we hiked up to delicate arch. Taylor wasn't feeling well he had a little bit of a fever but he walked the whole time. Tanner however had huge blisters on his feet and our dear friend now nicknamed the OX gave Tanner a piggyback down the steepest part of the Mountain. Hunter we will forever be grateful to you, for that.

then off to windows for more hiking! we were so tired that the little ones, tanner, and Bryan stayed in the car to watch High School Musical. (Bryan slept for and hour) The windows hike was fun and easy till Britton fell really hard on his knee, which started to bleed and bruise up. There again was Hunter the amazing willing to give Britton a piggy back up to the next arch. Daniel was so cute, he told Britton t0 put pressure on the cut and it would stop in about 15 min, and thank goodness it didn't look broken. Daniel helped Britton walk by putting his arm around him and they trudged off till Brit felt better. (Priceless)

We went back to the cabins took showers and the girls went shopping with the big kids. While the husbands took naps and watched the little kids swim. That night we left the kids to there own dinner of Pizza Hut and went out to the yummiest stake house. Home cook'n at its best. And to make it a perfect day we sang Journey at the top of our lungs dragging main street looking like the mature 40 year olds that we are.

We got up the next day to leave so we could get to church, and stoped off at horse point or something like that state park. It was like looking at little grand canyon it was so beautiful I wanted to explore but we didn't have the time. I guess We are going to make this an annual thing. There is too much to see and do in a few days you need at least a week. I would have loved to go into canyon lands but that will wait for another year. what a fun trip.