Monday, June 27, 2011

Brittneys baby shower

 My darling niece is having a baby and yes its a boy :(  the good news is I love babies boys or girls!!! I love a good party so I wanted to throw her the family baby shower.

 These are her husbands baby shoes aren't they the cutest?
 We had yummy brunchy eats and lots of goodies for desert... OK it was all desert except a little ham and egg cup.  We ate and ate and ate it was so delightful, by the end I felt about 3 months pregnant myself.
 Grandma and her sister Lidia with 2 of her daughters.  We never get to see them only at wedding showers and funerals, we really need to get to a family reunion this year.
I have lots more photos of the party deco on

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trek 2011

 when I was asked to be a Ma at trek I said yes with no hesitation!!!  Trek you say? you hate to camp and get dirty... I know I know but it is the most life changing  thing I've done for myself.  I loved going 7 years ago and I loved it again!!!

 We learned how to square dance and yes that's me and Tanner and the sister missionaries (so cute)  we were so tired at night we just fell right to sleep, and yet I still took a sleeping pill just in case.

 This is our family we had 6 boys and 4 girls.  Kristi was truly  inspired by the Lord to put this group together.  Even in one of the testimonies one of the boys said he need thees kids to help him to change.  They all had such great attitudes not one of them slacked off they all loved each other and had such a great time together.  I miss them.
 Whitney and Jordan and me hanging out by the fire waiting for dinner.
 Each family had a 15lb baby that had to be carried not thrown in the handcart.  Tanner loved his family baby and Austin wouldn't let any one near his family's baby it was funny, they were teasing me that we should have another one... I said NO!
 We ate bugs...
We played pioneer games..
 We got tatted up. (we were the Mormon Mafia) 

 We had a sun set and a  moon rise at the same time  so cool.
 We crossed the river about 6 times getting muddier and wetter by  each crossing..
 Bridgette was the cook and let me tell you I gained 3 pounds. It was so divine, Dutch oven cobblers peppered beef stir fry and breakfast sandwiches  YUMM!
 Crossing the muddy water AGAIN...
 and AGAIN!
 and AGAIN!!!
 Bry looks a little board OK they all do but we were hot and it was so windy we could hardly keep our eyes open.
 Our darling family.  I don't know how the pioneers did it, cold and hungry and losing child after child or husband or friend  so many died how could they bear it?  I know in my heart they were trying to get to Heaven first and Zion second  cause how else could they do it?  how could they lose everything for the church???  They did it for heaven for that I'm convinced!
 Martins cove was so spiritual it is holy ground the Savior has been there and you can feel the spirit, to see 18 year old boys cry along with the girls as we walked in silence thinking of the stories we just heard was worth all the wind and dirt!!  These kids were so strong the girls pushed on the women's pull we also did rocky ridge with just the girls  we were so strong!  I feel like we can do any thing this life throws at us because we walked and pushed for 17 miles we sludged through mud and buried a baby along the trail. I'm a better person for knowing my pioneer past I have a deeper love for this church and deeper love for life and the ones who share it with me.

and yes that is snow behind us....
All is well, all is well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Austins Graduation

Why is time such a strange thing?  It is always ticking off the same seconds and minutes and hours a day and yet some times it seems to go very slow and some times it just flies by so fast you can barely catch your breath.
My darling little baby boy graduated from High School today  he is 18 and a half he is way taller than me and he is all grown up now.

How can you go from preschool graduation to high school graduation in just a few short years?  I'm so proud of who Austin has become  he is kind and respectful he loves his brothers and is responsible enough to have a great job.  He is going to go to community collage till his mission and  then I'm really going to loose it!!! 

They had the choir sing but it was on the other side so I couldn't get any great photos.  this was just half of the kids as they were filling in oh my word Alta is a big school!!!

 After Tanner is always the first to get to Austin yelling and hugging him so tight. he is so strong I'm waiting for the day Tanner will knock him over.

Austin graduated with an Advanced degree and  a few collage courses under his belt.  We couldn't be prouder of him.