Friday, June 10, 2011

Austins Graduation

Why is time such a strange thing?  It is always ticking off the same seconds and minutes and hours a day and yet some times it seems to go very slow and some times it just flies by so fast you can barely catch your breath.
My darling little baby boy graduated from High School today  he is 18 and a half he is way taller than me and he is all grown up now.

How can you go from preschool graduation to high school graduation in just a few short years?  I'm so proud of who Austin has become  he is kind and respectful he loves his brothers and is responsible enough to have a great job.  He is going to go to community collage till his mission and  then I'm really going to loose it!!! 

They had the choir sing but it was on the other side so I couldn't get any great photos.  this was just half of the kids as they were filling in oh my word Alta is a big school!!!

 After Tanner is always the first to get to Austin yelling and hugging him so tight. he is so strong I'm waiting for the day Tanner will knock him over.

Austin graduated with an Advanced degree and  a few collage courses under his belt.  We couldn't be prouder of him.

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Jennifer said...

Wow. I can't believe he's that big already. Time does move quickly sometimes.