Monday, June 10, 2013

End of school year

 wow what a year!  I'm so proud of my boys and all that they do in their lives.  Britton was the Alta Black lacrosse goalie this year and as you can see they won the championships!!  Its a first for Britton and I hope it wont be the last.  He was so sick with the stomach flu and yet he still played hard and their team won.  I get so nervous with him as the goalie its soooo  much pressure. but he seems to handle it all so well, as long as he wants to play that position I will let him, despite my anxieties. 

 This darling quilt is from the baseball team.  They gave all the Sr. these darling quilts,  one of the over achiever moms made them wow!!!  I am in awe at the love tanner received from these kids this year!!
 Seminary graduation,  It was so fun to go see these cute kids graduate from Seminary. They asked Tanner to say the opening prayer.  He did a great job all our Sr from our ward were there, now that's an amazing number of kids in our neighborhood.  How did we get so lucky to be where we are, to raise our children in such a wonderful area who truly loves our Tanner???

 I could have posted the 30 photos of kids that wanted to get their photos taken with Tanner but I just better do a few, (maybe on FB)  Tanner was so excited to graduate, its all he has been talking about for months.  The whole day he kept saying now I'm graduated I get to go on a mission with Austin.  I so hope he can!!!
 ok my new obsession is flea markets!!  I just love all the vintage stuff and I love the cheap prices!!!  the top photo is from Fleattitue they have one more market this summer and this bottom one is my treasures.  you can't see my metal canning jar lids at a buck a piece they will make my new blue jars look totally vintage. lol  and I regret making Bry throw out his dear antlers as now I can't wait to put these gorgeous ones on my coffee table, after I gold leaf them of course. 

This party has been the my whole life the past week or so.  I made all the paper decorations for this out of this world carnival.  the banners sign post drink labels ect.  you can see more of this party on my crafting blog  I'll post it soon. 

Well summer is here and I can't wait to get by the pool and relax and read a good book,  ok who am i kidding I have a shower, wedding, my singing students, two vacations, camp, youth conference, football camps and comp lacrosse to drive too.  owell it will be hot and sunny and I can read anytime in the years to come.  I have to tell my self to love the moment I'm in.  Even if its crazy and busy its still a great moment of life to be in!