Monday, May 24, 2010

gotta love utah's spring

What the??? as I looked out my window this morning all ready not feeling well, I saw this.  What is that?  could it be snow on May 25th?  I almost cried but seeing that I hadn't worked out yet Tanner was home sick and the kids were not ready for school I pulled it together and went about my day.  After the Brittons 5th grade puppet plays (Hilarious)  Bry took Tanner to the doc. for me as I was not feeling better.  I sadly canceled my pta lunch as my head was pounding to home home and tend my Tanner who was home from the Doc, and ready to watch a few hours of T.V.  I had to take a nap and I know I'm sick when I have to take a nap. I'm not a good napper all I do is lay there thinking of  all the things that I could be doing, I hate taking naps, but I did cause I had no choice my body was like do or your really going to get sick!!! so I did and you know what when I got up to get the kids off the bus it looked like this out side, isn't that crazy?  I sure hope the little flowers weren't too traumatized, and will bloom all summer long for me.  Now that I feel a little better and I mean only a little I have to go and learn to scuba dive, you heard me and I'm not that excited.  We are going to Key west in Sep for my 40th birthday and 20th anniversary, (yes I got married way young)  so I have got to get certified not something I'm looking forward too.  I let you know how it turned out.  For now lets pray for  no snow and temp. in the 80's I've got some gardening to do!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banners baby!

OK I have made about 6 banners so far.  I make them for birthdays and baptisms, showers you name it I will make it.  My neighbors will bring over the paper and I will make them a banner for their party.  Don't get me wrong I'm compensated in some way like I don't have to bring a side dish or I receive a stack of fabulous children's books.  I thought my two cute Little nieces need to have one in hanging in their rooms, who knows if they're moms will like that idea but my boys were like UUUHHH don't  make me one mom.  So this is Macy's and I'm working on Kinsey's ( I will post that soon as its done.)  I love the colors of Macy's the blue is a little more green in real life but I hope it matches her room. (Marcee let me know how it looks I want photos!!!!)  so off it goes into its padded envelop to a darling little 8 year old.  Hope you like it Macy, you are one sweet little girl.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Addies wedding shower

I love decoration for parties!  I have a dear friend who just moved into the ward and wanted to know if we could throw a shower for her darling daughter who was getting married?  I took a little bit of liberty and substituted the hot pink for the red that she wanted and added the green (sorry Addie)  but I think it turned out cute!  I loved making the cupcake picks in my photoshop (they are hard to see)  all in all it was fun and the food was delish!!!! I ate a thousand calories so I better not miss my Friday spin class this week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scrapbook room wreath

I saw this cute cute little wreath on a blog (I have been looking for the blog to give her credit but can find it again)  also was looking to get instructions on how to make it.  I couldn't quite remember so I improvised it took a few days and a huge mess in the living room, also begging more hot glue from the neighbors but got it done and now its hanging in my office.  There will be a few little touch ups with the hot glue gun when I get more glue and also I would love to spray it with glitter. I used some tattered angle glitter spray and you cant even tell I used it bummer! I have to get my spray glue and my fine grade Martha Stewart glitter out to finish it off.  and P.S. don't worry about the ripped up book it was a trashy novel I bought at the dollar store. he he:)

Race for the cure!

What a fantastic Saturday I had!  It started out with the race for the cure, I love walking that 5K (its too crowded to run)  I love reading all the fabulous tees, and I cry when I read all the posters.  I walk for my granny who not only kicked breast cancer when she was in her 60's but who is still alive and kicking today at 86 years old.  I walked for my darling friend Julies mom who has always been such an inspiration of fighting hard to hang on to family friends and life! and I walk for all the other beautiful women who have been affected by this horrible cancer and who have fought with courage and hope for a better cure!  What an inspiring morning. 

Then off to Brittons Lacrosse game where he is becoming a better goalie each game.  kinda got lost trying to find it in Lehi map quest is so inaccurate!!!! and with user error with inputting the address, (put in the numbers backwards)  I was in a field of cows before I realised I was going the wrong way...... Then off to base ball practice and finally home to take a long hot bubble bath and start my new book.  All in all a great day lots of sun friends family and fun what more does a girl need to start off her mothers day weekend!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring into sports

With all the snow this spring I'm surprised that the kids don't have more than one make up game.  Britton is playing lacrosse and this year is the goalie, I hate it!!!!! I hate it when they score on him and he misses the ball, it makes me so sad for him, but hey we are talking about Britton he doesn't care as long as he is having fun. I don't like that all his friends are on the other teams it makes it boring when I don't have anyone to talk to......

Taylor is doing baseball (machine pitch)  he is quite the little hitter.  Boy he can get on base almost every time. He was having trouble catching the ball but now he's the catcher and he loves it!!!  I hope it will  help with his catching and not being afraid of the ball.  I love going to his games cause the whole neighborhood is there and I can talk to someone the whole time.

Tanner is also doing Special Olympics this summer he just ran the qualifying regions and got a sliver and a gold in track and field. next weekend they will be playing softball. He love to play baseball so we will see how that goes. It will be his first time on the team they practice every wed., which is YM so Tanner cant go and practice with them, he will just show up and play!

Austin is also playing lacrosse and always scores when we are not at the games.  I told him that we better not come to anymore so he can score!  This will probably be his last year playing if he doesn't make the varsity next year, which doesn't look hopeful he really rather focus on swim team, I say focus as hard as you can on sports and not girls!!!