Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring into sports

With all the snow this spring I'm surprised that the kids don't have more than one make up game.  Britton is playing lacrosse and this year is the goalie, I hate it!!!!! I hate it when they score on him and he misses the ball, it makes me so sad for him, but hey we are talking about Britton he doesn't care as long as he is having fun. I don't like that all his friends are on the other teams it makes it boring when I don't have anyone to talk to......

Taylor is doing baseball (machine pitch)  he is quite the little hitter.  Boy he can get on base almost every time. He was having trouble catching the ball but now he's the catcher and he loves it!!!  I hope it will  help with his catching and not being afraid of the ball.  I love going to his games cause the whole neighborhood is there and I can talk to someone the whole time.

Tanner is also doing Special Olympics this summer he just ran the qualifying regions and got a sliver and a gold in track and field. next weekend they will be playing softball. He love to play baseball so we will see how that goes. It will be his first time on the team they practice every wed., which is YM so Tanner cant go and practice with them, he will just show up and play!

Austin is also playing lacrosse and always scores when we are not at the games.  I told him that we better not come to anymore so he can score!  This will probably be his last year playing if he doesn't make the varsity next year, which doesn't look hopeful he really rather focus on swim team, I say focus as hard as you can on sports and not girls!!!


Jennifer said...

So many little time. There are days (and there are many RAINY days) when I am thankful that my kids don't really do sports. Especially when I see all the parents huddled under umbrellas in the pouring rain watching their kids play soccer....the Northwest is not the best location to play outdoor sports.

laura kate said...

I always start feeling lazy when I read your blog...does it ever stop for you. One sport to another for 4boys all year round. I don't know how you do it and still have time to be SO fabulous. Sorry, about your tulip destroyer, glad it wasn't one of my little rascals :).