Friday, April 23, 2010

Turning 40

 I have the best guy in my life and yes I mean my husband and not the carpet cleaning man (although I couldn't live without him either). But my man has thought of the best way to shower me with gifts all year. It is our 20th wedding anniversary we are not old just got married very very young! and I'm turning 40 so Bry decided that on the 22 our anniversary day he would give me a little gift. Don't you just love that? The first one was a new workout watch I can't find mine, must be with the iPod I lost at the same time!!!???!!!

 Then in Feb he got me a stack and I mean a stack of all the fun magazines that I love and do not subscribe to with chocolate of course.

Then this March he got me my favorite present so far a darling white watch I have been looking for one forever!! Like 2 years and they are all so expensive so when he found this darling little number at a great price he snagged it and saved it for one of my gifts.  He told me not to get too excited its not the year of watches but I do love watches and have quite a few, I even have my white swatch from the 80's which is now a collectors item....
So this month I had forgoten about the whole present thing I've been working full time everyday for the last 3 weeks and I'm so tired and worn out. 

so what do you think my cute little honey had put in my car on the dash?...... the best present so far a Dear Lizzy Gift card!!! girls get ready its time to shop I'll be call'n ya.  Don’t you just want to hug him? I do have a great guy, and what a great 20 years with 20 more still to come :)


Jennifer said...

So cool you have a watch collection. I don't even have A watch, let alone so many for specific outfits/activities. What a nice husband....and he seems to know exactly what you like!

Lanae said...

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like he's got you dialed in :-) What a great guy.

jerseygirl said...

He is one crazy guy!! but I love him too! can't wait to see Austin, Macy keeps telling all her friends that her big brother is cute!