Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby book shower

I loved every  minute of planing this baby shower.  This baby was 15years in the waiting and B is finally getting her darling little girl in two weeks!!!
Because this little baby waited so long to get here, B has everything she needs. so she decided to have everyone give books and  write a note to the little one inside. Isn't that sweet?

Here are a few things that we did for the shower. first lets talk food.  We had the cutest mini lasagnas that were divine!  Our good friend and fabulous cooking friend Lisa was behind the delightful dinner.  Focacia bread salad and fruit was the main attraction!
We just had water but used my cute mason jars with handles and tied little bows that were made out of hand dyed ribbons, tulle and book paper Oh how I loved drinking out of these!!!

Then there was the dessert table it was the most charming spot of the night.  I had my book paper chandeliers (tutorial coming soon i promise)  and lots of yummy deserts, chocolate moose, lemon tarts, cream brule, peanut butter cups, chocolate Carmel popcorn, enton mess, and granite bakery sugar cookies all home made (except the cookies) I could not stop eating!

 Can you see the cake stand made of book paper with a ruffed book paper charger? isn't that the sweetest thing.  all the platters are also raised up on vintage books.

 Come in.... this is were we put our thank you gifts but alas I did not get a picture of the cute little bags with my pink Tags dang!!!  Inside littel bags were homemade gummy carriage's, Made by Lisa and B and wow they were divine, I mean who makes homemade gummies?????
 Front door greeting.  we are so lucky to be having so many sweet little baby's in the neighborhood!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio 5

I love love love being on Studio 5  here is the link to the clip.

love Studio 5!!! Brooke and Darren are so nice, and are they that happy all the time? (every time I've talked to them it would be a resounding YES)!!! Ok so being outside put a different spin on the segment. I was sweating and not because I was nervous, ok a little from that be we were right in the sun and it was sooooo hot!!!

This time I felt a  little frazeled and flustered.The wall blew over  right before we were to go on and it knocked the window over which broke. we were sweeping up glass when my necklace caught on somthing and there were beads rolling all over the plaza.  The camera man said well things  happen in threes so you should be set nothing eles will go wrong!!

I forgot to thank Kneaders for their yummy cookies and didn't you love those cup cakes from Harmonds YUMM! In the end it was what it was

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tanner and his Alta Baseball team

I think one of my greatest joys with Tanner is that he is loved by so many people!!!  The boys on the Base Ball team are just the most wonderful boys at Alta High.  After every game they let Tanner hit a home run.  He will hit the ball usually on the first or second pitch and then run the bases just as fast and his little legs will carry him. 

And true to Tanner form he will slide into home plate and  wait while the boys congratulate him or pick him up.  It brings me such joy to see him being excepted by kids at school, he is such a show off and flirt and makes so many friends it just warms my heart!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Austin update

Loved talking to Austin on Mothers day!! Oh my sweet boy he looked so great. I sure am proud of him.


 Look at these photos of his place so funny and so tinny! Here is his latest letter. He is getting a little more discriptive  maybe by the end of his mission we will get lots of good information.

All right so my first transfer in the field. I was so nerves that I was going to get transferred. We have split ZL's so I'm a greeny living the ZL's life. Pretty nice. Ha-ha actually it’s a lot of work.
Monday. A lot of ball and fun then we taught are investigator Mindy. She just had her baby and she is now just waiting for the okay from the doc. to be baptized. She is eating the gospel up. We showed her the G.C. talk about single mothers it really hit home for her. Because no other church puts so much emphasis on family's as us. She is just golden not much to that.

 Tuesday. was our first full day of study you would think after 4 weeks that we would have done more, but with all the meetings it has just been really crazy. We went to the swartwoods to do some service. He is in a wheelchair and wants his garage clean well that is where we come in. helped him out it took all day and then we had a really good talk with one of our resent converts that is going through some really hard times. We told her that it is not going to be easy. Satan more than ever is going to be breathing down your neck but you just have to stand tall and not to give him an inch. That goes for all of us.
  Wednesday. I meet this deaf person who was Japanese. He is really cool but he would use both English and Japanese sign so it was really hard to understand and teach him so that he would understand. He is smart though so he picked up on what I was saying I could not have been more pleased. Then just a lot of driving to meeting.

Thursday. Was really busy had a lot of apts. and did some tracking down BRITTON ST. we didn't find anyone that was looking to investigate but they were really nice people. Meet with Mindy again she asked us after the lesson if all of  the lessons were going to make her cry. I said "sadly yes they will." ha-ha she is really awesome like I have said before.

Friday. I exchanged with elder frost. He does not like to work so I really had to push him to get out and that is what I did. I almost had to drag him to talk to these people and they were in his area. He is just one of the kids who  is getting a little trunky.  He has 6 months left so I hope that he can make it.

Saturday. We meet these investos about a week ago Paulan and Lorin. They are black and from the Congo, speak French and really interested in the Church. 18 and 19 so cool I can really relate to Paulan and they have really been going well. so on Saturday we meet with them and I asked if they would be baptized they both said yes they just wanted to make sure that their parents would be okay with them go it. They parents are really supportive of their kids so we are hoping that they say they can if not I'm going to be so sad.

Sunday. Our first fast Sunday was really good went to the trimms with some other missionary's and had a little party I have not had that much fun on my mission yet. Taught Mindy again. Trying to get in with her as much as we can so as soon as the doc. says yes she will be. SPISH SPLOSH DUNKED!!!!!!!!. Ha-ha. I know I'm crazy but that is why you all love me.

 Not much to day. Just going to play some FIFA and we maybe are going golfing. I don't know.
LIVE the Life you LOVE. LOVE the Life you LIVE.

Love Elder Inkley.