Tuesday, January 31, 2012

austins farewell

the day was finally here the one that all LDS mom's dream of when they find out they are having a boy!  Austins farewell was Jan 29 2012 and what a day it was.  His talk was so sweet and humble he acutely said that we were great parents and  we know what we are talking about hun! imagine that?

I loved doing the few little decorations for the party. this banner was one from Brys Christmas party it said Home for the Holidays I just made two more letters and turned the a into a v and there you have it serve the lord. easy!  I also loved using the sign language font so much fun seeing the people  trying to spell out Rochester looking at the font :)

some of our favorite pepole came to say good bey to Austin and wish him well it was great to see how much he is loved by friend and our ward!
His best friends well there are three missing but what a fun good bunch of kids they are so fun and the girls were so helpful (scoring lots of point with me).  Boston and Braydan are like my other two boys they even call me mom which I love to pieces!!o
Nana and Papa are leaving to go to New port so this was the last hug they had with Austin for two years I couldn't go out side to say good bey to them cause I know I would have been a crying mess. (like I wasn't already)
I could not have done this without Holley she came over right after church to get things started along with Ashley Haylee and Jodie I have the best friends in the whole world!!!  Also Brit and Aubry with the set up.  I don't think i could do anything with out there help and love and support of me :)
Joann Bowen how I love her we were visiting teaching companions back in the day she is so generous with her beautiful house and love and service what a great example to me.

The dessert bar was a hit two levels of cookies cakes dumplings brownies eclairs wow and the best part was it was almost gone when we were done :)

My favorite picture of them all how great is it that Austin has four grandparents alive?  we love them so much for all they do for us dinners, money, trips, support on the most special days  we are so lucky!!

So many other people to thank and  love you know who you are, bring treats  helping out and just plain loving us to death, you'll never know how much we  love you all!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So we got the call....

Ok we got the call we are shopping daily we are getting dinner planned for family and friends and all I want to do is spend every minute i can with a 19 year old boy who wants to spend every minute he can with his friends :(

I took him up by the temple last week to get his plaque photo and his announcement photos and well... a great excuse to spend time with him on his lunch break.  He looks so old I can't believe he will be gone for two years (the best of his life I hear)  I'm so excited for him to learn how to cook clean and do his own laundry, oh ya and to serve those awesome people in New York!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Austin is going to NY on his mission!!!

Holy cow it just seems like yesterday that Austin was born!!! I know everybody says that about their kids and its so sad that we all feel like life just rushes by.

Austins call came so fast!!! well not fast, because we had submitted it to the bishop who then passes it along to the Stake President.  Which was done after all his interviews, but then we waited and waited and called Bishop to see if i was submitted... It had not:( so we called the Stake President and asked why (no TB shots, which can be done after submission but what ever)  so we raced to the Doc. got them done and gave them over again, this time on Wed, he sent them Thursday and wouldn't you know it the following Thursday they were in our hot little hands.

funny thing though, we were not expecting them so I had the kids bring in the mail like always sit it on the table and went on with my day.  I was giving a singing lesson and as they were leaving Bry says hey do you know what this is??? Austin's mission call had been sitting there for 3 hours!!!! so we called him and he decided to wait till the following day so that our Family and a few friends could come over for the big occasion. 

 with is cosin Kimmy they are the same age and have grown up together since well day one!

With is Grandma and Grandpa Inkley and below family and dear friends who we couldn't live with out!!!
He realy wanted to go out of the country but when he saw that he was going to be speaking ASL he was so excited.  I love my little boy I can't believe he is 19 and  leaving me, I'm such a baby I just wan't him around a little longer, but Feb 8 is the last day I'll have my Baby home with me for two years.  I guess its sushi tues a few more times and crablegs and hanging on to the few more nights we have with him.  He will be such a great Missionary I just know it, and its where he needs to be.  Please keep him your prayers and send all that love his way!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!!

What a great start for a new year!!! All you can eat sushi on Friday with friends game night with friends Saturday night and Church on Sunday to start the year off right!  I love that new feeling of the year, the deco is down i'm ready to clean and organize everything, even my office. He He!
my word of the year is GROW.
i love what this word means learning new things, loving things you have, stretching yourself to try new things, living to your fullest potential, and eventual growing enough that you produce a flower and get to enjoy what you grew into.  So lets get out there and Grow Grow Grow!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day hip hip hooray!

It Christmas time again!  I love the first photo of the day they one of all the kids on the stairs before they see the presents.  (I can't tell if Austin is yawning or excited) We told the kids that they couldn't come upstairs till 8:00 and guess what they waited till 8. I got a shower put on makeup fantastic!  the perks of having older kids:)

Austin got a ton of stuff for his mission not exciting but necessary along with a wii game and a killer camera that I'm so jealous about!!! i need one so bad and I just need to get me one soon!

 Taylor got Lego's two sets some books and star wars things, but was so sad that he didn't see the drums that he has been asking for, for four years!!! Santa  whats up???
 Brit got GB pants ha cause his nickname is GB (Great Britain) Lego's and a cool stop motion camera and software.

Tanner got a DSI and lots of games, he did not put it down the whole day it had to be charged up by 1:00 he would not let anyone touch it. He has wanted one forever, both Tay and Brit have one so he always felt left out, now they can all  hook up together its so cute.

Go Utes yada yada... and a ton of fly fishing crap!!!

The best present of the day was new photos for the photo wall.  Bry took the boys to have their pictures taken in white shirts just like the ones that are two years old in my entry way.  Gosh talk about fabulous husbands!!! plus season tickets to Hale theater four years running and lots of other gift cards to fun places like dear Lizzy Nordstroms, DSW let go shopping!!! I also love the yellow coat I bought my self he he.

Merry Chirstmas to all!

Christmas 2011

Oh what fun!!! that was my mantra this year, it was on my Chirtmas card on my mind every day to have fun and enjoy the season.... then we got sick and when i say sick I mean it went around the whole neighborhood and was very contagious!!! Bry got it first then the tay and Tanner followed by Britton throwing up at school!!!! I was so busy with parties and Christmas things I didn't have time to get sick I took my 1,000 milligrams of Vit C and my charcoal (someone said it helps to absorb everything) I worked I  didn't get sick!  Well i got sick but not the throw up yucky kind just a I'm so tired I'm going to pass out kind:)  Other than that it was such a fun season!!!

We went to see the windows at the Grand America a tradition that started last year when they first did there windows!! I love that place the chandeliers are stunning the kids were even having Bry take their pictures in the bathrooms. :)

so funny we go down town every year with the kids and I was telling my brother about it and who shows up at breakfast my Brother and his kids????!!! what are the odds, they had slept over too and so we all headed over together to the Grand.

 In my hall way he he!

Then on Christmas eve we went to Nana's  for dinner she had prime rib!!! helllooooo I thought I had died and gone to heaven it was sooo good.  She made her famous home made rolls a yummy potato cheese confection roasted veggies Kim made a fantastic salad with candied nuts (that I ate plain)  then I made home made double chocolate brownies with peppermint ice cream and hot fudge YUM!

And to all a good night!