Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day hip hip hooray!

It Christmas time again!  I love the first photo of the day they one of all the kids on the stairs before they see the presents.  (I can't tell if Austin is yawning or excited) We told the kids that they couldn't come upstairs till 8:00 and guess what they waited till 8. I got a shower put on makeup fantastic!  the perks of having older kids:)

Austin got a ton of stuff for his mission not exciting but necessary along with a wii game and a killer camera that I'm so jealous about!!! i need one so bad and I just need to get me one soon!

 Taylor got Lego's two sets some books and star wars things, but was so sad that he didn't see the drums that he has been asking for, for four years!!! Santa  whats up???
 Brit got GB pants ha cause his nickname is GB (Great Britain) Lego's and a cool stop motion camera and software.

Tanner got a DSI and lots of games, he did not put it down the whole day it had to be charged up by 1:00 he would not let anyone touch it. He has wanted one forever, both Tay and Brit have one so he always felt left out, now they can all  hook up together its so cute.

Go Utes yada yada... and a ton of fly fishing crap!!!

The best present of the day was new photos for the photo wall.  Bry took the boys to have their pictures taken in white shirts just like the ones that are two years old in my entry way.  Gosh talk about fabulous husbands!!! plus season tickets to Hale theater four years running and lots of other gift cards to fun places like dear Lizzy Nordstroms, DSW let go shopping!!! I also love the yellow coat I bought my self he he.

Merry Chirstmas to all!

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jerseygirl said...

what a fun Christmas! I love the pictures, Bryan knows you so well and I love that he spoils you so much, can he send some of that my way, lol!