Sunday, June 27, 2010

20 years

Can it be true?  Bry and I have been married 20 years? I did get married very very young.  Bry took me to Toucan down in St Gorge for a short trip, because in Sep we will be going to the Keys if they are not covered in oil.  I was working at the polls on the 22nd (the date we got married) and bry brought me these beautiful white roses.  He tried to find Gerber Daisy's my fave, but they didn't have them, so knowing i hate red roses he bought me white. (good boy)   the other roses are from my garden, I love picking my flowers and bring them in the house to look at all week, last week it was my white daisy's.  I never thought that after 20 years I would like gardening or cooking or doing laundry (one of the chores i like) who knew I would have 4 boys and no girls (sad)  and who know that Tanner would bring us such joy!  Who knew that we would live at the end of the earth, I would own 52 pairs of shoes and flip fops, and I would still be working at the GAP.  Who knew that i would love to organize mine and others houses, that I would teaching singing lessons and white would still be my favorite color?  I have loved being married for 20 and I really hope that we will be married for at least 30 more, (I want that big golden wedding party)  Thanks Bry for loving me and teaching me to be patience and kind and unselfish, thanks for 20 great years  I love you hon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Deigo

I hate the fact that I'm turning 40 this year.  As you know Bry is being such a sweetie and giving me presents every month this year, but this topped the cake and its not even from him :(  My two besties and I  decided to go somewhere to celebrate turning 40, maybe if we could party we wouldn't be so sad.  Annie my darling friend who lives in Cal. decided that the Del was the place to be, I love going to places I've never been and Coronado is a place that I've only driven threw once. 
Divas turning 40!

 We checked into the Del hotel built in 1888 and it was incredible!  huge chandlers, crown moldings and a butler serving fresh squeezed lemonade.  We shopped ate layout ate went to the spa ate explored the gas lamp district ate visited street fairs ate and did I mention the food? I'm still full!

   It was so beautiful I could live on the beach in a hut in a tent it doesn't matter It's gorgeous!  We found lots of sea shells and did lots of shopping.  My favorite store being a candy store that makes there own chocolate and carmel their smores were to die for. I bought one then was craving another one the next day so... I got one at a different store in Sea Port and it was so yucky,  the next day I made the girls (not hard to do) go back to the candy store to get a fresh one  YUUMMYY!! I want one right now! 
It was sad to leave and come home to a house without a maid or turn down service. but here I am ready to tackle the laundry and get back to the grind.  I've got a full couple of week ahead, when am I going to get my boring summer?  Here's to 40.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend fun

I so wanted get all my flowers planted my mantel painted and picture frames painted and hung, along with a clean house.  That all not much and I had three days to do it!!!!  But this is not how it went down.  My flowers are coming along, I ran out of money and could only get half in,  My cute dad got me the purple labillia and some if it is dying all ready WHAT?  The rest is going to have to wait. I had to spend more money on veg's for the square foot garden bry made for me, and that is still not filled with all the yummy things I want to plant this year. 

OK so here's what we did this weekend. I  was putting in the last of the flowers and Bry was leaving to get his Dads truck so we could have black dirt in the flower beds in the front yard. everything was just perfect. I went to go look for the black stain I had purchased months ago and couldn't find it, I looked every where still no stain, did I really buy it? I asked myself?  yes the black streak on the top of the mantel was still there where I tested it out, where did it go?   call Bryan to have him pick up stain on way home, Home Depot trip #1.  So i went out to paint the frames  and sanded and wiped and sprayed until I ran out of spray pain,  called Bry to add that to the list for H.D.  did laundry and cleaning (not fun but necessary) until he came home.  Finished the frames and started the mantel.  Bry shovel the truck load of dirt into the garden and I did the flower beds in the front, what a great weekend everything is so wonderful.  Then Bry had to turn on the sprinklers to get those working and wouldn't you know it we had a huge broken line next to the garden.  What is so madding is the guy who lived here before us put the sprinklers in so poorly we have been cursing him for 9 years.  We and I mean Bryan dug up the bubble and found that right under the edge of the garden was the sprinkler line only 6 in under the grass, what are the odd that Bry's exact measurements and the pipes would be excatly the same.(we don't even have any sprinklers over on that side of the lawn...)  so what started off as a simple sprinkler fix was a 2 day project and four trips to H.D.  I think we spent more on gas getting there than the actual parts we needed.

Granny is still with us, but we don't know for how long so we packed up the kids on Mon, (after 3hours of sprinkler fixing and a second coat on the mantel) and we were off.  The boys put flowers on Poppy's grave and helped Papa around the house I stayed with mom and Granny down at the rest home.  It was so funny, Granny wanted a sweet roll and we couldn't find one cause Great Harvest was closed.  Bry came into the rest home with a sweet roll while he was out getting lunch for Papa. He left Tanner in the car playing with his phone.  I got a call on my cell phone from one of Bryan's work partners, his wife said Michelle is Bryan Ok?  and I'm like what? yeah I just saw him why.  Apparently Tanner called this guys cell phone and when Rich said hey tanner whats going on where is your Dad? Tanner said in the hospital (which he was to see granny)  then Tanner hung up and they could'nt get him back so they called me.  Its great to have friends that care to know if we are in the hospital and whats wrong.

Any way back home that night Bry worked out side then went to work with the boys to move some boxes and put chairs together or something like that. I had a headache the kids didn't eat till 8pm I miss half of Bachelor bummer.  At long last most of the projects were finished on the list.  I still have to hang the frames (which i would have done but bry has to put a photo slide in the back. but things are looking better my couches are darling. And right now I'm going to bed to recover from the weekend!