Sunday, June 27, 2010

20 years

Can it be true?  Bry and I have been married 20 years? I did get married very very young.  Bry took me to Toucan down in St Gorge for a short trip, because in Sep we will be going to the Keys if they are not covered in oil.  I was working at the polls on the 22nd (the date we got married) and bry brought me these beautiful white roses.  He tried to find Gerber Daisy's my fave, but they didn't have them, so knowing i hate red roses he bought me white. (good boy)   the other roses are from my garden, I love picking my flowers and bring them in the house to look at all week, last week it was my white daisy's.  I never thought that after 20 years I would like gardening or cooking or doing laundry (one of the chores i like) who knew I would have 4 boys and no girls (sad)  and who know that Tanner would bring us such joy!  Who knew that we would live at the end of the earth, I would own 52 pairs of shoes and flip fops, and I would still be working at the GAP.  Who knew that i would love to organize mine and others houses, that I would teaching singing lessons and white would still be my favorite color?  I have loved being married for 20 and I really hope that we will be married for at least 30 more, (I want that big golden wedding party)  Thanks Bry for loving me and teaching me to be patience and kind and unselfish, thanks for 20 great years  I love you hon!


Jennifer said...

We just celebrated 17 years on Friday. Congratulations! I still remember your reception....wasn't Brian wearing two left (maybe two right) shoes all day? By the end of the evening, he was shoe-less and hiding his feet under your wedding dress.

Heather said...

Congratulations on 20 years. You have such a great husband and family. I love your blog and seeing all of the fun things you and your family do. I love seeing all of your cute projects. I would love to learn how to do your cute banners. Do you have instructions for them?

by the way this is Heather Seljaas!

jerseygirl said...

awwww!! so cute, love you guys!