Saturday, July 3, 2010

banners baby 2

ok here are a few more banners I hope this is it for a while. I am hosting my cousins shower at my house on the 17th but I don't think I'm going to do one for her, I'm a little burned out!  I want to finish my stack of books and magazines not to mention my guest bathroom before the party!  I had to start out with my cute Taylor and his friends  whats more summer than 3 dirty cute little boys?  Tay also helped me with the banner for the fireplace, that little guys loves crafts.   The turquoise party is my darling friends husbands 40th birthday.  I wanted it to be classy (no tomb stones) but didn't want just black and silver so i added turquoise I think it turned out so cute.  We hung lanterns from her vaulted ceiling and above her buffet. But the candy table looked so cute i just had to show you what a  little material and a few ribbons can do!
This darling banner was for my friend Julies girl who is turning 16  I also did a 16 for her cake.  It looked darling hanging above the door. we wanted it outside in the tent but it was so windy we had to put it inside, still darling!


jerseygirl said...

love them all, they are so adorable!! have a happy 24th! hope Austin had fun, can't thank him enoug for keeping Macy entertained.

laura kate said...

Umm, loving your pictures, borders, banners. They look like a spread from a magazine!