Monday, December 20, 2010

Bryans work party


hate the chairs!!!! I wanted to rent some white ones but bry said no.  Next year we will not have these ugly outdoor chairs!!!!

I looked back at all the photos I took through out the years and printed them up.  Some were from 8 years ago.  The couples has so much fun finding their pictures and taking them with them. the sign said "look how far we've come"  however I should have said its been 8 years and we still haven't gone public!!!

I'm so glad this is over!! I think it turned out so well.  The only thing I think I would change is  I needed more money to do exactly what I wanted.  I did this all on a budget (398.00) I could have also used three people to help me out. I did this all by myself with exception of 10 red glittered birds.  I just have to give a shout out to my two dear wonderful darling girlfriends Ashley and Kristi for helping me to set up, for their efforts they get a set of skates to decorate their front doors with.  I all ready have some great ideas for next year (snowflakes) so I need to get a jump on it and buy a ton of crap after Christmas.
ok so this wreath was put together by Ashley I threw all this stuff at her and said I want paper leopard bow like the ones at dear Lizzy and bang this is what I got!  so cute.
I put a few more skates out and some on the other side then sprinkled baby ornaments all around.  I'm bummed that you cant really see my banner "Jingle all the way"  it looked so cute I think I needed to string it from shutter to shutter a little lower so people could see it better it was darling with little jingle bells on each little point. 
these were in my DI pile all green and ugly then I thought I'm decoupaging ornaments skates and clothes pins why not the trees.  they turned out cute and we put them up at the hot chocolate bar.  But for now I'm done I'm done I'm done, now if I can just get my hands on some giant snowflakes for next year......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas time again

 I love Christmas really I do. I love decorating and making cookies, I love the advent calenders I love going to concerts and doing stuff with my kids, BUT.... this year has been crazy, I am working on Brayns work party I promise to show pitchers later however its taken all my spare time.  So finally a week into Dec. my Christmas deco is finally up and ready to view, so here is a sampling of what is up.
This is the  buffet that Bryan built for  me a few years ago and those fantastic pictures are from Bridgett. I love my murcery glass I even know how to make it!  more on that later.
a few years ago i fell in love with this Charlie Brown tree.  I love the old fashion look of it.  It sits at the top of my stairs.
I love decorating my room I have a pastel paper and glitter village and the one on top of the armour.  I love putting up my canopy and draping garland and lights it makes such a fun place to read one of the many ok (47) Christmas books that we've colected over the years.
the kids do their own trees every year.  I give them their hallmark ornament and they get to fight over the department 56 and travel ornaments. They love having their own tree to put up and add all the fun cute stuff they make at school!
I love pastels and my office is white and cream so I love changing it out for the seasons.  my joyous  noel banner and little white tree are so fun in my only girly girly space in the house.
ok my tree I really really really want a glitter tree a gold shinny vintage tree.  My darling friend has one and I'm gold with envy!!! so I tried hard to make do with what I had and inserted about 6 extra large picks made out of a gold tinsel tree.  I put so much crap on it I had to take a photo with all the lights on and the flash or it just looked like a glowing gold tree which is exactly what I wanted!
Merry Christmas to all and now I'm going to take a nap.