Tuesday, January 31, 2012

austins farewell

the day was finally here the one that all LDS mom's dream of when they find out they are having a boy!  Austins farewell was Jan 29 2012 and what a day it was.  His talk was so sweet and humble he acutely said that we were great parents and  we know what we are talking about hun! imagine that?

I loved doing the few little decorations for the party. this banner was one from Brys Christmas party it said Home for the Holidays I just made two more letters and turned the a into a v and there you have it serve the lord. easy!  I also loved using the sign language font so much fun seeing the people  trying to spell out Rochester looking at the font :)

some of our favorite pepole came to say good bey to Austin and wish him well it was great to see how much he is loved by friend and our ward!
His best friends well there are three missing but what a fun good bunch of kids they are so fun and the girls were so helpful (scoring lots of point with me).  Boston and Braydan are like my other two boys they even call me mom which I love to pieces!!o
Nana and Papa are leaving to go to New port so this was the last hug they had with Austin for two years I couldn't go out side to say good bey to them cause I know I would have been a crying mess. (like I wasn't already)
I could not have done this without Holley she came over right after church to get things started along with Ashley Haylee and Jodie I have the best friends in the whole world!!!  Also Brit and Aubry with the set up.  I don't think i could do anything with out there help and love and support of me :)
Joann Bowen how I love her we were visiting teaching companions back in the day she is so generous with her beautiful house and love and service what a great example to me.

The dessert bar was a hit two levels of cookies cakes dumplings brownies eclairs wow and the best part was it was almost gone when we were done :)

My favorite picture of them all how great is it that Austin has four grandparents alive?  we love them so much for all they do for us dinners, money, trips, support on the most special days  we are so lucky!!

So many other people to thank and  love you know who you are, bring treats  helping out and just plain loving us to death, you'll never know how much we  love you all!!

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