Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sending Austin off

We set Austin apart on the Tuesday before he left Feb 7th  Inkleys came and our dear home teachers!!  WE love them so much.  We did get shushed cause we were laughing and trying to stay happy and not cry, owell sorry Stake Pres.
 We were going to have a great day of breakfast and games and hanging out before we had to send Austin on his way.  But we were all so sad and moody it was hard to have any fun.  We went to breakfast at Hagermans Austin loves there all you can eat french toast.  Then came home to put the suitcases in the car.  Brit had a melt down while playing a game I felt like crying every second and poor Austin didn't quite know what to do.
We got in the car and went across the street to say our good beys, cause once you cross over to the MTC side its just hop out of the car and get that missionary in those doors.  How many moms refuse to let go of their sons?? Ok probably a lot Ok yes they had to pry him from me too, but two years is a long time!!!

I got the camera out of the car and took the first photo of him and the boys and the battery died!!! seriously what the heck the most important moment of his life???  So we used his camera and are still waiting to switch out the sd cards so we can see them, and his companion and MTC life. I will start his blog soon and post emails and photos when we get them.

 One last cuddel on the couch. then below are the only photos I got with the camera before it died.

These little potos are taken with brys camera they should have been run though photoshop but I did not have the time :)

 We love you Austin and are so proud of you, can't wait to see what you do and who you become.

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Jennifer said...

What a proud/tough on mom moment. I am not looking forward to seeing my boy go away - it's approaching faster than I thought it would. We are anxious to hear how his mission goes; keep us posted.