Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Austin is going to NY on his mission!!!

Holy cow it just seems like yesterday that Austin was born!!! I know everybody says that about their kids and its so sad that we all feel like life just rushes by.

Austins call came so fast!!! well not fast, because we had submitted it to the bishop who then passes it along to the Stake President.  Which was done after all his interviews, but then we waited and waited and called Bishop to see if i was submitted... It had not:( so we called the Stake President and asked why (no TB shots, which can be done after submission but what ever)  so we raced to the Doc. got them done and gave them over again, this time on Wed, he sent them Thursday and wouldn't you know it the following Thursday they were in our hot little hands.

funny thing though, we were not expecting them so I had the kids bring in the mail like always sit it on the table and went on with my day.  I was giving a singing lesson and as they were leaving Bry says hey do you know what this is??? Austin's mission call had been sitting there for 3 hours!!!! so we called him and he decided to wait till the following day so that our Family and a few friends could come over for the big occasion. 

 with is cosin Kimmy they are the same age and have grown up together since well day one!

With is Grandma and Grandpa Inkley and below family and dear friends who we couldn't live with out!!!
He realy wanted to go out of the country but when he saw that he was going to be speaking ASL he was so excited.  I love my little boy I can't believe he is 19 and  leaving me, I'm such a baby I just wan't him around a little longer, but Feb 8 is the last day I'll have my Baby home with me for two years.  I guess its sushi tues a few more times and crablegs and hanging on to the few more nights we have with him.  He will be such a great Missionary I just know it, and its where he needs to be.  Please keep him your prayers and send all that love his way!


laura kate said...

That is awesome. He will be an amazing missionary. What a great example! Congrats.

Jennifer said...

I know he will be taken care of in NY...I've already put my friend on alert. I'm so excited for you guys! Yay, Austin!

Lanae said...

How is that even possible??? Oh, I'm so happy for you and your cute family. Good luck to Austin, he'll be a great missionary!