Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio 5

I love love love being on Studio 5  here is the link to the clip.

love Studio 5!!! Brooke and Darren are so nice, and are they that happy all the time? (every time I've talked to them it would be a resounding YES)!!! Ok so being outside put a different spin on the segment. I was sweating and not because I was nervous, ok a little from that be we were right in the sun and it was sooooo hot!!!

This time I felt a  little frazeled and flustered.The wall blew over  right before we were to go on and it knocked the window over which broke. we were sweeping up glass when my necklace caught on somthing and there were beads rolling all over the plaza.  The camera man said well things  happen in threes so you should be set nothing eles will go wrong!!

I forgot to thank Kneaders for their yummy cookies and didn't you love those cup cakes from Harmonds YUMM! In the end it was what it was

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jerseygirl said...

it turned out great you never would have known those things happened!