Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banners baby!

OK I have made about 6 banners so far.  I make them for birthdays and baptisms, showers you name it I will make it.  My neighbors will bring over the paper and I will make them a banner for their party.  Don't get me wrong I'm compensated in some way like I don't have to bring a side dish or I receive a stack of fabulous children's books.  I thought my two cute Little nieces need to have one in hanging in their rooms, who knows if they're moms will like that idea but my boys were like UUUHHH don't  make me one mom.  So this is Macy's and I'm working on Kinsey's ( I will post that soon as its done.)  I love the colors of Macy's the blue is a little more green in real life but I hope it matches her room. (Marcee let me know how it looks I want photos!!!!)  so off it goes into its padded envelop to a darling little 8 year old.  Hope you like it Macy, you are one sweet little girl.

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jerseygirl said...

love it, love it. Got it today in the mail. Macy is going to freak out. can't wait to hang it, I'll post piccs. You are the best ever, love you!!