Monday, June 27, 2011

Brittneys baby shower

 My darling niece is having a baby and yes its a boy :(  the good news is I love babies boys or girls!!! I love a good party so I wanted to throw her the family baby shower.

 These are her husbands baby shoes aren't they the cutest?
 We had yummy brunchy eats and lots of goodies for desert... OK it was all desert except a little ham and egg cup.  We ate and ate and ate it was so delightful, by the end I felt about 3 months pregnant myself.
 Grandma and her sister Lidia with 2 of her daughters.  We never get to see them only at wedding showers and funerals, we really need to get to a family reunion this year.
I have lots more photos of the party deco on


Jennifer said...

Can you come to my house and decorate for the Court of Honor?

jerseygirl said...

so adorable!! you are so talented, I just love you're parties!! looks so yummy too! lov ya can't wait....two more weeks!!!!!!