Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our last hurrah for the summer. It was Bryan's birthday and we were going to go up to Park City and play with my mom and Dad and Brother and their kids. We were going to shop swim and party all weekend. But that did not happen my sweet sweet dad had an artery that was bleeding out into his body. He passed out and my mom called 911. If she would have gone to bed any earlier she would have never heard my dad fall and he would have bleed to death. It is so scary how fast life can change one minute you are planning a party and the next you are spending the weekend with your mom praying your dad will get better. After 3 days in ICU 4 units of blood, he started to get better, thank goodness I can't imagine my life without my Daddy. he is the rock that holds us all together, I love him so much!

my mom suggested that we go up to park City and use the condo that was just sitting there since the kids didn't start school till Tues. we did. We walked up and down main street. Ate at all the cool yummy places went to the movie G-force (cute) and had a great time.
I think the funnest thing we did was get Britton's gemology merit badge. We went into a jewelry store that had big rocks out front to ask some questions. The owner Ken Whipple took us down stairs to see all his cool rocks and petrified dinosaur bones. He gave Britton a ton of rocks one of them was an uncut emerald and they all got to pick out a geode and saw it in half to see the crystals inside. They got to keep them and when we went into another rock (jewelry store) we saw that they were selling them for 15$ a piece and the kids got both half's of their rocks not to mention the price of the other things he gave Britton. He had so much fun!
Well back home and back to school, my busy days as the PTA pres will soon start, hope I survive!

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jerseygirl said...

I'm glad you had fun in Park City. Is Tanner wearing glasses?? What cute fun pictures. I also am so relieved and thankful dad is okay, I was ready to jump on the plane. How crazy life is. Miss you and good luck this year as PTA pres. Quiet a feat!