Monday, February 16, 2009

Valintines Dinner

Inkley's,Stoney's and the Thompson's, (the Jorgenson's were dearly missed! )
I use to have a Christmas dinner with my dear friends and their husbands. Well the last couple of years its been too hard to find a good time during the holidays so I started the whole Valentine's Dinner, (I mean who wants to go out and wait 2hrs for a table? that does not put me into a romantic mood). So I say come on over and eat and talk and then, hey lets watch a funny Brian Reagan DVD. (good cuddling time). We missed one of our long time friends, they were off to a soccer convention,we've known them since 1993. Any way good food good chocolate melting cakes and good conversation and NO CHILDREN! what more do you need for a romantic dinner?

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Lanae said...

You guys went all out! Looks like Martha Stewart stopped by to decorate :-) Hope you all had a great Valentines Day.