Friday, February 27, 2009

BasketBall Season 08-09

Basket ball season is coming to a close. The boys have had so much fun playing ball on the Jr. Jazz team. Britton played with his friends Jake, Heath, Ben and of course they let Tanner on the team. I don't know how many games they have won but in their minds they have won them all, they just love to play. Last week Tanner made the best basket. It swooshed right in all net, clearly a stroke of great luck, but that didn't matter to Tanner who though he had just won the game in over time. (it was second quarter).

Britton is a great at passing, he is sure to be a Jon Stockton if he keeps it up. We have got to get a basketball hoop in the neighborhood. Too bad our drive way is so steep, we would have had one a long time ago.

Tay loves to come to all the games. Although he watches only 10 minutes OK I'm exaggerating may 3 minutes. He love to go on the side lines and play ball with the other brothers (who are also not supporting their brothers in the game,) and just goof off with the extra balls. He must use the bathroom no less than 2 times and get maybe 10 drinks from the fountain. He loves being there in all the loud screaming, yelling, cheering court running around and goofing off.
This photo was taken after he had just made a shot, Tanner stopped to pose knowing I had the camera while his team continued running down the court without him. One time he blew a kiss at the neighbor mom who he has a little crush on, Sorry Katheryn he love you, and don't get me started when Toni (another mom) comes he has loved her since the day he met her 5-6 years ago! Every time he is mad at me he yells "I'm running to Toni's house!"


laura kate said...

Oh, so fun! I am looking forward for those days. That is one stacked team of cute kids.

jerseygirl said...

looks like fun. The boys are so cute. Its nice that Britton & Tanner are on the same team. Basketball is fun to watch, its also one of my favorites. We have three more weeks to go.