Saturday, December 6, 2008

what we did last weekend

What a week I was soooooo busy! I do love PTA but it takes up so much of my day, and its hard when volunteers don't show up. and thank you to the ones who did I love you. OK enough complaining. we did squeeze in quite a bit this week. we went with Jeff and Kim (Brother-sister-in-law) to the forgotten carols. I have never seen this before, I loved it. What a great Christmas story to start off the season and the music was so great! I laughed and cried I give it a big thumbs up!

we also went to the highly acclaimed oak hollow school Christmas choir concert! Britton was so cute, i didn't get great photos cause I was videoing (is that a word) the whole time. He sang so well and looked so cute in his Santa hat.then on Saturday it was off to see Santa at the Draper Sorensen House. He was so cute with the kids showing them trick with his hands and telling them stories what a sweet thing to do for the kids when he should have been up at the north pole making toys:)

then to top it all off we went to the Wasatch Christmas concert down in Utah county. we go every year and the kids love it so much. I'm so lucky they love music and concerts its such a big part of who I am and I love the fact we can all share in something so wonderful.

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jerseygirl said...

I'm so jealous of all you do. I do think the music and fun activities are a great part of Christmas. I'm glad you had such a great week.