Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hug your family

I went to such a sad funeral yesterday. A very close family friends, dad died from a freak accident. he was over at his sons house fixing lights when he fell off the ladder and died. It was so hard to see that wonderful family grieve. They were such a strong family, my dear childhood friend Kristi said my dad would have chosen to go this way. serving others in his prime before he had to get old and suffer.

It makes you think, who knows what day we will die, have we done enough, did we say there is always tomorrow or do we embrace life and everything in it, the good the bad the wins and losses and learn from it. dd we pray for understanding in hard times and thank Heavenly Father in the good? I hope to live each moment the best I can, I hope its good enough, and just so I've said it today I love all my family and friends I could not get through one day with out you!

A big hug and kiss from me, I love you all!


jerseygirl said...

I love you too! I wish I could have been there. My heart goes out to them and their family. You really can't take life for granite.

Lanae said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this! And right before Christmas.. that just makes me so sad.
I just started reading a book my cousin let me borrow (she lost her 16 mo. old a few months ago), and this book is just awesome - it's called "The Message"; it's about life on the other side. Highly recommended. If you have a chance, pick up a copy and give it to your friend. So sorry to hear about their loss.