Monday, December 15, 2008

OK I have this darling neighbor who is a teacher and did an assignment about being thankful for things you hate, you heard me, find three things you hate and then list things you are thankful for about that dreaded thing. so hear goes.

stepping in water with my socks on. This happens most in the mornings when the kids are taking the cups out of the dishwasher, the water spills they miraculously don't see it spill therefor they don't wipe it up and then Viola mom steps in it with her socks on and has to go change her socks! (I hate wet socks)

I'm thankful for wet socks because:
1. that means one of my children has unloaded the dishwasher for me.
2. all the dishes are put away (however not in the right spots but whose complaining?)
3. I get to see all my nice dry socks again and be thankful I have so many! (OK that was a stretch)
Another thing I hate is Monday cleaning day, not that I hate to clean cause I don't but because at the end of the day it doesn't look like I've done anything.
I'm grateful for cleaning day because:
1. I get to smell all my cleaning produces, Its true I can often be found wandering the cleaning isle of Target just to smell the cleaning supplies Yum!
2. I do get clean bathrooms out of the deal.
3. If I didn't have a certain cleaning day it would never get done.

I hate hate hate skinning chicken I hate touching it I hate having to cook it, it grosses me out, I don't know why, maybe its the slimyness of it or the color or the gross smell before its cooked, Yuck.

I'm grateful for chicken because"
1. because its tasty when its all cooked up and in a Delicious dinner like Andreas chicken and ham dish Yummy
2. Its healthy and we have to have it in our diet (I know not as good as chocolate cake)
3. Some times I can talk Bry into doing it for me and a little extra help in the kitchen is always a great thing.


Catherine said...

A+ Michelle!! Great post. Now wasn't that fun? I hate wet socks too. After I did my blog, I thought about so many other things I hated! I'll skin your chicken if you come and change my light bulbs. Deal?
Thanks for taking on the Thankful Hatred Challenge!!

Lisa Cannon said...

That was a fun post! I love cleaning products, too. My favorite: yellow Lysol. YUM!

I haven't seen you in so long! Are you still at the Gap?

Most Happy Girl said...

How fun is your blog! Thanks for looking at mine. The kids are Mr. Perfect's, and soon they will be mine as well. Then I'll be the wicked stepmother...hehehehe! nancy

GregHansenfam said...

Michelle I love your blog! You can add me to your list & I will add you to mine. I am so glad you have a blog. What a great way to see what you have been up to!