Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The perfect chirstmas?

You know those days when it's suppose to be the perfect day? Well that was suppose to be today. I was going to go to Granny's and then drop off Tay at school and have 2hr. to scrapbook, that's what I've been wanting to do for a while now. So this is how it went down. I got back late from Granny's (Yes Tay was late again don't turn me in) so I knew tanner would be home in 45 min, there went scrap booking and I wasn't feeling very good by this time so I watched the last of my Cheesie Christmas Movie (It has taken me three days to finish it!) By then tanner came home put on his snow pants and went out side, OK (now what?) he made the cutest snow angel and drew letters all around it of course they made no scene so I asked Tanner what it said thinking its Christmas and he did just make a snow angle, maybe he was writing Merry Christmas no he was writing stay off my snow castle, so much for cute Holiday cheer.

the two other little boys came clamoring in fighting of course. Britton got a birthday present from his Nana, so I said lets open it. It was a transformer he all ready had, so he was sad and wanted to call Nana so she could fix it, (they are a little ungrateful) while I was on the phone with my mom, I heard argument after argument from the boys they were just on one today. As tay skidded into the door for the second time (first time last night and got a big bloody back eye) I just started yelling you are both grounded. as I was yelling the doorbell rang thinking it was a neighbor kid wanting to play, oh no it was the nice Neighbor who borrowed our nails and was bring them back as I'm yelling at my kids from the other room. (let me just hide now) then while still talking to my mom and yelling at my kids, I go up stairs to see blood all over the kitchen, Britton had gotten a bloody nose and when he does he bleeds a lot and for ever, it looked like a crime scene, I sit down out of the blood way watching it drip off the counter and look up to see my Christmas tree which is crooked and scan over to the sink where there is a very dirty fish bowel and my dead rosemary tree and poinsettia which has lost all but one flower on it, red petals falling looking like the blood dripping from the counter and I just started laughing! mom this is suppose to be a beautiful Christmas and instead it looks like Martha Stewart Pris0n years!

owell so much for the perfect day I guess I'll just go get in my Jammie's and watch a Muppet Christmas with my kids Bry will just have to clean the kitchen when he get home.


Catherine said...

Oh poor girl! I'm sure it doesn't look even half as bad as you're describing it. Come look at my crap all over the place. Doesn't it always seem like the times when your house is clean, no one ever comes to visit and then when it's a mess, that's when the whole neighborhood shows up?
How was muppets? You don't have that on DVD do you? I am showing my class tomorrow and i only have video! I'll have to call you!

jerseygirl said...

sometimes you just have to throw your hands up. That was one of those days. I hope things are better somehow they always are. I love you!!