Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pinewood derby 08

I absolutely hate the pinewood Derby the kids seem to think its fun racing the cars and getting treats, that's is all well and good, and I don't mind that part. Its the part that comes before the race the building of the car. we had a legendary car that won 4 years in a row then the tragedy struck one of the kids got a hold of it and bent the wheel! (can you even imagine?) I was secretly over joyed now maybe Britton could make his own car with dad, you know spend some quality time in the garage doing man things talking about life that sort of stuff. Wouldn't ya know it Bry started on the car without him. Now I see tyring to live out your childhood dream of winning the plastic trophy and bronzing your car for your posterity but hey really?

Ok Bry is not that bad he did let Britton sand it pick out a paint color and even put a sticker on it (iron man). Britton came in first in most of his races but the times were milla seconds slower than two other cars. Britton came in 3rd overall yea! I was so proud of him. Bry had his excuses it was too light and the drill bit taped to the top of the car messed up the aerodynamics of the car. Whatever! I say we need to let the kids do the whole thing start to finish and see whats happens you know real life live and learn kind of stuff. any way way to go Britton or should I say dad? Sorry hon still love ya!


jerseygirl said...

Bryan's too funny! I'm glad they had fun. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Lisa Cannon said...

Way to go Inkley boys! We had so much fun at the Raingutter Regatta...I can't wait for Pinewood :)

I'm thinking about you working tonight - no fun! I bet it is fun though!

Lanae said...

That just makes me laugh! This past summer Jared's Aunt invited all of us to go camping by the Jackson River and she brought these rocks to paint (for the kids, of course). I couldn't help myself! I took over the rock painting and was just having too much fun. It's a good thing we have kids (otherwise we could never do silly things like this and get away with it!)

Shel said...

Hi there!
This is Kim's sister Shelly! I was checking out their fun blog and saw you guys! I can only imagine that your sons got this talent from you, as I am still IN LOVE with the frames you made that were in your entry way when you shared your Thanksgiving with us 3 years ago! I am thinking I just need to order 4 from you and send you money! I still pine for those! Your house looks great! You truly have a knack for decor! :) Fun to see your boys! I will be sending mine to you when they hit Pinewood Derby time! :)