Thursday, November 20, 2008

christmas is here!

OK so I'm really tyring to get my Christmas stuff out and put up some of the little stuff, I know I don't think I have ever put so much up before Thanksgiving but its been so warm and I wanted to get my outside stuff up. Then the kids got excited and wanted to put up there trees which resulted in a huge mess since they got it out and I was at work then they went to the Jazz game last night and it is still sitting all over my TV room because I can't touch it, "its there trees".
Tay took the photos of the Christmas deco notice its of his picture I thought that was funny, we have all this cute stuff up and he chooses his photo to take a picture of.

I want to do a project like this Christmas banner but instead I have to make ugly ribbons for the reflections entries. I just want an afternoon to my self with no house work just me my flannel Jammie's, a TVo, my crafts, a great book and lots of chocolate, is that too much to ask? someday soon I promise myself, OK that might be in 10 years when all the boys are out of the house, maybe i should run away for a bit tempting!:)


jerseygirl said...

your house looks great, I'm jealous that you have such cute stuff. And who cares if its a mess sometimes, your kids are only young once.

Lanae said...

Hey, wait a minute!! Slow down! Is it that time of year - already? Where, oh where does the time go.
I guess I need to follow the lead and start busting out my Christmas stuff. It is fun, tho - getting ready for Christmas.
You go, Michelle!