Saturday, November 15, 2008

Into the woods

I had so much fun this week. I love to eat out and lately we haven't done it enough! Well Bryan took to me too one of my favorite restaurants Market palace it has the best fish in the state! I love fish, I also love creme burlee we had that for desert we decided to share as not to look like pigs and I regretted that decision the rest of the night it was fabulous!!!!

I'm also a big fan of musical theater I used the last ticket of my Christmas present I got last year, (tickets to Hale theater) I sincerely hope to get them again this year:) I loved into the woods the musical is all fun and games everybody get what they wish for when they go into the woods. You think its over but i turns dark real fast and everything falls apart, people lose every thing houses, loved ones, pets, toes (don't ask) friends. But in the end (the moral) "someone is on your side someone else is not. " "While we're seeing our side Maybe we forgot, they are not alone. No one is alone. Thing will come out right now. we can make it so. some one is on your side, no one is alone." and in life (The woods) "Into the woods you have to grope, but that's the way you learn to cope. into the woods to find there's hope of getting through the journey."
With all the talk in conference of joy in the journey I've got to remember that its worth the extra creme burlee's the extra hugs from my kids and I've got to remember to take joy in every day wonderful things that are all around me. So I'm off (into the woods or should I say Kitchen) to get another cookie!


Lisa Cannon said...

Hey - you deserve all the cookies and creme brulee you desire. Creme Brulee is one of my most favorite desserts. YUM! Sounds like a great date night with the hubby!

laura kate said...

Way to go Brian on an amazing date! I haven't seen that musical yet but I sure like what you learned from it...I'm off to the kitchen for my own cookie.

Melissa said...

How fun! That creme brulee looks incredible. I wanted to see Into the Woods - now that I hear your rave reviews I will have to go!
I agree with the mantra - Joy in the Journey! See you tomorrow!

laura kate said...

hi michelle, (in answer to your question) diana is my sister-in-law's, sister-in-law, if that makes any since. she lives in boise but comes down to provo a lot. a very creative and talented photographer. her website is (I should really just walk across the street to tell you this)

jerseygirl said...

How fun and yummy. I love Market street too. Hey, check out Jeff's blog.
take care, have a good week love you and let me know what the boys want.