Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Break

 we defiantly go to Mesquite to play in the warm sun while its freezing cold up at home!!!  I love hanging out with friends and family. This year a lot of the guys didn't come. Bry was so mad the first day boy he can get very ornery.  But he came around the second day to have fun with the kids. 

 The boys were prunes every day they must have spent at least 4 hours in the pool.  They played volley ball and with their DS when they could sneak away but let me say this they did not stop playing for the 4 days we were there!
 The kids loved to hike up by the Dixie sign on the Mt. in St. Geroge so we stoped on our way home to let them run around.  They could have stayed there all day jumping off rocks racing around till I had to look away thinking they were going to kill themselves.  Luckily they did not.  If you notice Austin is not to be found, he brought along some friends, they drove down themselves and amused themselves all week we barley saw them.  Austin did at one point cut the entire top of his toe off and for that he came to us for help, but alas that is all we are good for- to see if he needed stitches and an occasional aspirin or Tylenol P.M.  How they grow up so fast :(

I hate that Austin is not in this picture it reminds me that he will be on a mission soon and will be very missed!!!! How am I going to live with out him? my sweet little baby grew up so fast and now will be off on his own I hate to think of it!

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jerseygirl said...

awwww, yes i totally started bawling when I thought of Austin on a mission, I mean, of course I want him to go on a mission but I can't believe he's big enough. wasn't he just born? and then just barely running around your townhouse with his baseball hat:( and to think he drove down to St George with friends, yikes. I still remember the first time I did that with Jodi Wilson. we were in high school!! I adore the family picture, yes it's missing Austin, but the scenery is awesome. And you look fatastic, what am I going to do in Cali, I can't lay next to you, no fair, but keep up the good work!! great pics, glad you had fun!!